Inspiration board : Spring!

Spring is here and I could not be more excited! First, because that means we are just one season closer to having our little baby boy here! Two, there are a lot of things I just love about this season...

- it is the marking of things like school coming to an end (even though it does not effect me, I remember how fantastic that feeling was)

- a bountiful of new fruits in the market... my favorite being watermelon, peaches, and perfectly ripe avocados

- BBQs, campfires on the beach, and yard games with friends!

- gardening... we actually have our very own yard that truthfully has not been touched in what looks like years, but Stone and I will get out there sometime soon and give it our best shot :)

- fun patterns and clothes in all of the stores, because I really cannot shop for clothes right now I am loving all of the Spring inspired shoes

- as cheesy as it sounds, the scents of this season make me pretty excited too... whether it be a new wreath for the door, flowers in the yard, or a fresh candle for the house I just love the way it smells around this time!

Hope you are enjoying it as much as I am... xo.


Baby love : A sneak peek.

Things are beginning to come together in baby boy's nursery! We finally got the fabric in the mail that I ordered from Etsy (bottom left) and it works so well with the bumper and rug we ordered. I am so happy! I am hoping to make a crib skirt out of the fabric and possibly a pillow as well! Oofta, if only I could sew...

Cannot wait to show you the finished product! xo.


Look of the weekend : Dressing the bump.

This large growth on my belly is only getting bigger by the day... and dressing each morning has definitely been a challenge, things don't quite fit like they used to and some things just don't fit at all! I have to say I used to judge all you pregnant women who went out in public with sweatpants and an oversized t shirt on. Well I was wrong for judging, because the effort to find something suitable to wear is pretty difficult and then when you do it most likely will be uncomfortable... ahhh the joys of pregnancy, right? Well I have found a few staples for my 'bump' wardrobe that I would love to share... and also some things that have been on a wishlist for my third trimester to get me through until the end. I have my first baby shower next weekend and I so wish I had a great dress to throw on... we'll see what I come up with :)

Staples for the momma to be wardrobe:
Cotton T's... lot's of them

On the wishlist :


Tuesday tunes : Dance.

Ummmm... yes please...

Both Stone and I have a crush on Ben Rector so it is okay for me to publicly talk about my affection... Love this. Go dance with somebody, it is Tuesday after all.



Weekend wrap up.

Stone and I spent the weekend shooting a wedding, doing house work, going to the farmer's market and hanging with friends. I feel like our weekends are going to start sounding quite repetitive now that wedding season is full speed ahead! We shot a wedding that was planned by the super talented girls at Before I Do Events and the venue, Darlington House, was absolutely incredible!

Sunday we woke up and decided to have a relaxing afternoon at the Farmer's Market stopping at a few furniture shops along the way. We had not been to the market in a while and indulged ourselves in a lot of yummy foods! Lastly we braved the pouring rain last night and met friends at one of my favorite spots for dinner. All in all it was a happy weekend and I cannot wait to show you photos from the wedding.

By the way... does husband kind of resemble a blonde version of Chris Gaines (aka Garth Brooks) in the color photos above. And, while I am at it, Garth really made a huge mistake trying to change his image by creating his alter ego Chris Gaines... I mean really?

Welcome to the week. xo.


That's a wrap : An update...

Stone and I have been busy, busy lately! Lot's of incredible weddings and engagement shoots happening around these parts and we could not be more excited to be able to be apart of it all. Yup, we are pretty dang lucky to have the job that we have. First I want to tell you a little about this sweet couple we shot last week... Written by husband...

'Sometimes when Shelby and Ishow up to a shoot it's like a blind date. Usually we meet all of the couples we work with before the actual shoot phase, but sometimes, when distance is a factor, we aren't able to. So we show up there and are basically looking for the people that look about as confused as us. Well, this shoot with Diana and Logan was not only the aforementioned situation, but also a blind date with the location itself. Both Shelby nor I had ever been to this spot, and believe it or not, every photo you see below was shot within thirty feet of each other. Pretty cool (and convenient). So, needless to say, we were stoked on the shoot. Diana and Logan were way cooler than we could have ever imagined and the location forced us to look outside our normal field-of-vision. We loved everything about it. Hope you do too ...'

One good looking couple for sure... they were so fun to hang out with and we cannot even wait for their wedding! See more of their shoot here.

On another note, I recently was asked by a reader to share a little more about how Stone and I decided to work together and how we decided to jump into wedding photography...

Well, first thing first... Stone and I dated for 3 years long distance before he popped the question. Having never really lived in the same location before we were married we were just praying that we would live well together in the same city, let alone the same home! And we did. Stone and I get along really well together, we kind of fill each others weaknesses both in our relationship and in business. But, when we decided to start our company together this was a huge leap of faith. Starting your own small business takes a lot of time and a lot of hard work. We both had full time jobs when we began Stone Crandall Photography. After about a year of juggling a handful of jobs Stone was able to take on the business full time while I continued to work a second job. He is definitely the man behind the lens when it comes to our business. Stone graduated with a degree in Film and after working as a videographer for Warren Miller for a couple of years he decided to go in the photography route. This is where my background as a wedding planner kind of came in and melded harmoniously into what we are today... wedding photographers. He has taught me all he knows about photography and I have taught him all about the ins and outs of the wedding industry. Just this past year I have taken on a full time role with Stone Crandall Photography and I have to say it has been working out pretty well. Of course, you can imagine, with any couple working / living / eating / playing / sleeping under the same roof that we definitely have to find our own balance of space. Separating work and home life can be difficult too. These are just things we have to be mindful of. When we get in an argument we usually will take some time apart then reconvene and talk it through later. Stone and I have found that our clients like the dynamic of working with another couple and we have made so many great friends through work. There are some couples that can work together and some that just can't, that's okay too. It just takes giving it a try and being able to separate work and life for your own sanity :)

I just wrote WAY more than I thought I would... but, I hope I answered your questions! If you have any more feel free to comment. xo.


Food to love : Roasted Brussels Sprouts.

Spring is here! That means vegetables, fruits, and flowers abound! This season always gets me in the mood to cook and plant, what about you? Last night I tried a few new recipes that my sister sent over and they were all absolutely delicious :) Especially the roasted brussels sprouts. The recipe came from here, but I made a few tweaks of my own...

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

1 lb brussels sprouts
1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil
1/2 tablespoon balsamic vinegar
1 teaspoon crushed garlic
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
a couple of pinches of black pepper

Set Oven to Broil.

Trim the bottoms from the sprouts and cut them in half. Whisk together ingredients above in a small bowl well then pour over the sprouts. Using a wooden spoon toss the sprouts in the oil mixture. While you are doing this, have a skillet sitting on the stove over high heat until water evaporates on contact. Pour the brussels sprouts into the Pan and quickly turn each sprout face down on the pan until they begin to blacken (about 3 minutes). Transfer pan into the top rack of your oven and roast for about 5-7 minutes until they are charred and a bit crispy. Serve immediately.

You may want to turn your kitchen fan on while cooking these in case of smoke! Enjoy and happy spring!

Tuesday tunes : Birdy.

So today is the first day of Spring so I had in my mind that I would pick a really cheery song for Tuesday tunes... but then Stone introduced me to this cover of Bon Iver's 'Skinny Love' and that all changed. So pretty. I hope you enjoy! xo.


Baby love : Nursery inspiration.

I have quite the collection of nursery inspiration photos on my desktop right now... I am not sure our little guy's nursery will even come close to comparing to how great these look, but I am going to give it my best. After moving into our house we are on quite the budget to get it decorated... while certain things can and will wait, the nursery is just one thing I really would like to finish before June when our babe arrives! Hopefully with some creativity and recycled furniture we can make it perfect. On another note, I have ordered the crib bumper and a rug for the room and am going to attempt to make the crib skirt myself?! We will see how it goes... I do not own a sewing machine (on my list of things to own and learn how to use) so it should be interesting!

Weekend wrap up.

I know I look pretty serious in this photo, in all honesty I was just staring into the restaurant window hoping that any second they would arrive with my burger. Ha. This was taken in San Clemente with some of our friends, Troy and Aimee, at the Rider's Club. One of the best burgers I have had, ever. For real. If you ever find yourself in the area you must stop by and try it out.

How was your weekend? We seemed to get a lot done this weekend actually... husband painted our nursery (kind of the color that is bordering the photo above), we shot a wedding in Fallbrook, had sushi with friends, started our taxes (blah), and continued unpacking. I feel like that process is never going to end, I will start in the kitchen, then it turns out I need new drawer liners... run to Home Depot. Then, I will move on to our closet, well it turns out we need more shelving and storage... run to Home Depot. You get the drift. Lots of trips to Home Depot.

Anyway, welcome to Monday! Let's hope for a productive week! xo.


Food to love : Needed a fix.

I almost did not put a photo with this recipe because it looks so bad/weird... but, I promise it was delicious!

A couple of days ago I was really craving something sweet, but, as I am sure you know, when you are moving your pantry and fridge become quite sparse! So, I had some baking dry goods, no eggs, and the last scrapings of a nutella jar. I remembered a friend of mine posted a recipe for nutella filled sugar cookies and thought I would give those a shot. Only problem was finding a sugar cookie recipe that did not require eggs. While I would not recommend it (without eggs the cookies after one day were completely crumbly), these cookie creations definitely satisfied my craving and I had plenty left over to give to the guys that had been working on our floors! So, my friend's cookies turned out much better and you should go to HERE to get the recipe, for some reason her nutella melted out, while mine stayed in little balls. Ha. Not the cutest of cookies ever, but yummy nonetheless!

Enjoy. xo.


In keeping with the theme of Ellie Goulding's song today...

Now that we are in the house... it is time to decorate! Thankfully we already have almost enough furniture to fill the place (minus the nursery). And, the little things we need to complete each room (such as living room chairs, bookcases, side tables...) we can purchase little by little. One of the things we would like to change pretty soon is the chandelier in our dining room. Right now it is a pineapple (yes, the fruit) inspired iron chandelier and as much as I like pineapple, it is not quite our style to have it hanging from our ceiling. SO, we are on the hunt for something that makes a statement, but won't break the bank. Tricky...

1 , 2 , 3

Tuesday Tunes : Lights.

I have shared music from Ellie Goulding both here and here before. I just still love her and am glad that she is making a bigger name for herself these days! Stone and I have not had cable for a little over a year and while we have enjoyed our cable free life, there are definitely some things we miss out on. The news, HGTV, TLC, late night reality shows, and of course music videos. Well, when we moved into our new home it was much cheaper for us to get the internet/cable bundle then for us to only get internet installed... go figure? So, we now have cable... but only for a month... husband has warned me not to get too comfortable with it :)

Either way, this morning I have had on VH1 top 20 videos and saw this one by Ellie Goulding... I have heard the song, but never seen this video, it is pretty fun I must say. Has a great 80s vibe to it.

Anyway, happy Tuesday. Enjoy! xo.


Week wrap up : The BIG move.

Well it is officially official. Stone and I are homeowners. HOMEOWNERS! That is absolutely thrilling and terrifying in the same breath. So much has been happening since the last time we spoke... we moved out of our beach bungalow (by the way, packing and moving when you are 6 months pregnant is not recommended) thankfully with the help of some great friends (thank you Chris, Keiran, and Jenni!), we closed on our home, moved all of our belongings into the garage of our new home, began the process of refinishing the wood floors throughout the house, had new appliances delivered and subsequently scheduled to be picked back up because it is inoperable (bummer), and have been living/working out of our kitchen. Ha! It has been a whirlwind, but so exciting. Stone and I cannot wait to begin putting our things into this house and making it home. And, of course, we will be posting pictures of all of our home decorating, renovations, disasters, and the like so you can see too! xoxo.


Weekend wrap up : Palm Springs polaroids.

Stone and I headed to Palm Springs this past weekend to shoot a wedding and get our very first desert experience! Hot, windy, and totally awesome!

Have you ever been to Palm Springs. It is almost like you stepped back in time... Brady Bunch era. We even shot the wedding at Sonny and Cher's old love shack (it was far from a shack, more like an incredible desert bungalow)! My favorite part about our trip had to have been the breakfast we had at Cheeky's, I highly recommend it and you must try their homemade cinnamon rolls... our only disappointment was not grabbing a few more for our drive home! Plus they have gourmet, organic, local bacon... Needless to say, baby boy has been eating well ;)



Look of the weekend : For the little man.

Stone has been saying lately that he thinks that our little man will have a better wardrobe than he does... and I am thinking he is right. I love the little onesies, of course, but what I really love are the baby boy clothes that look like something Stone would buy for himself. They are going to be two of the most handsome men around, I just cannot wait to see them together... Here are some things on my wishlist!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend, we are headed to Palm Springs to shoot a wedding and just cannot wait, it will be our first time there :)


That's a wrap : Blog love!

Stone and I were so excited this past week to be featured on both Ruffled and Something Turquoise. Sometimes we sit back and think about all of the little milestones that we have accomplished in our business and feel pretty proud, but it never goes unnoticed to us that we would not be where we are today without the support of family, friends, clients, and the incredible wedding blogs that feature our work. We so appreciate it!

If you would like to see more of these posts you can check them out HERE and HERE.


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