Tuesday tunes : higher love

Loving this tune today and I hope you do too. Happy Tuesday y'all!




I cannot tell you how much I have longed for this day to be here. I have missed blogging so much. It is strange, I never really realized how much this little blog has meant for me to have until I stopped posting. 

My life lately has been nothing short of amazing, exhausting, and terrifying all wrapped up in one sweet little package that came on June 19. This motherhood thing is more than I ever expected it to be. I love it all the time even in the moments when I really hate it... I still love it. Knox has been seriously the best thing that has ever happened to Stone and I. We catch ourselves daily just staring at him and watching all of his new quirks develop, it is so fun. 

That is the amazing part... watching this little piece of you grow. 

I was warned about the exhausting part, and that it is. I feel like a mad woman most of my days trying to take care of Knox, be a good wife, clean, cook, work, keep up with friendships, and make sure I shower. And in the end I feel like I am doing most things half way. I think back to how put together life seemed when I was little, we always had a clean house, yummy homemade dinners, and fun events planned for the weekends. How did she do it? I am just crossing my fingers I get the hang of it... 

Thanks for hanging in there with this little blog of mine, it feels good to be back. xo.
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