SHE + HE : Kauai.

So I have finally come around to getting some of our photos up here from our little vacation to Kauai. Stone decided to shoot all film on this trip, which was fun, but we had to wait impatiently to get the photos back and pray that they actually came out. Funny, that it was not too long ago that nothing was digital, but we have gotten so used to the instant satisfaction of being able to view our pictures immediately. I kind of prefer film now because we actually get them printed! I have a ton of photos from our last three years of marriage and almost all of them just sit on our computer... anyway, back to Kauai...

I posted about some of our favorite spots on the island here, so if you are planning a trip there anytime soon, you should check it out! Truly, we had not been on a trip just to relax since our honeymoon. And, while that was not too long ago, a lot has happened in those three and a half years... looking into our future we did not see an opportunity like this anytime soon either! We decided to be spontaneous and go and I am so glad that we did. Hawaii is just perfect and I cannot wait until our next spontaneous trip, but perhaps we will have a little boy coming along for the ride next time!


Baby love : More grey and yellow nursery...

Like I mentioned... we may be on our way to being homeowners! And my first order of business when we get into the house is to ready the nursery. Not so much for baby boy's sake, as I am sure he could care less what his room looks like as long as he has plenty of food and a comfy place to sleep. This is for my sake. It is that whole nesting thing people tell you about, but you don't actually feel it until you are there. Well, I am there, and I just cannot even wait to make our house (finger's crossed we get it) our home... starting in the nursery. Some of my newest wishlist items for baby boy's room are these letters to spell out his name, fun animal coat hooks like these, wall art by Shanna Murray, a mirrored dresser like this, and lots (I mean lots) of fun fabrics! Hope he'll like it...


Tuesday Tunes : Lead me down to the water.

This tune is the bomb. Yup, I just said that. It was worth the embarrassment of using 90s lingo to tell you how much I am loving this Ben Rector song. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Kick your feet up on your desk and give it a listen...

PS Read his interview and see more videos like this one here.

Weekend wrap up : Sweet tooth.

Hello there.

Sorry I have not been around much lately... between traveling to Colorado to see our new little niece, purchasing our very first home, hosting guests, growing a baby boy, oh and work there has been little to no time for me to blog! Whew. All really amazing and fun things that we have going on right now, just a lot. I do have to tell you that lately I have seen my very first craving appear in the worst possible form... sweets! It is all I want. I told Stone last night I could replace every meal with a bowl of ice cream and be perfectly happy. The only thing stopping me is that my baby might come out twitching from some crazy sugar high and I may start gaining crazy amounts of weight on top of the bowling ball that is now my stomach. Either way, I cannot avoid satisfying my craving, but I am trying to keep it to a minimum. This morning I had a deliciously sweet puff pancake! I saw the recipe here and had to try it out. It did not disappoint! Delish.

Hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday, I am back to the blog world and it feels good!

By the way, know of any healthy alternatives to ice cream? I know that sounds crazy, but I have an ice cream maker and have seen recipes for 'healthy ice cream'... worth a shot, right?



Look of the weekend : The stylish man.

Happy Friday everyone! We made it through the week, however, the weekend is no relaxing time for us photographers. It is almost opposite! Tomorrow we are shooting a wedding here in San Diego and it should be a great, but ultra long day for us. I think it will be the longest day of shooting we have ever taken on, thank goodness I am in my second trimester because everyone says that is when you feel the best.

Okay, enough about the weekend, let's talk about this post... I just have had a few things collecting on my desktop that I had picked out for gifts for husband in the future and thought I would share. I absolutely LOVE Stone's sense of style, when we first started dating it was actually him who transformed me from the preppy sorority girl into something a little more trendy. I did, however, soften his 'Colorado ski bum' look that he was kind of rocking when we met. Either way, he's got style and I am thankful for it :) If you have a stylish man of your own, you may want to add a couple of these items to his gift list as well... that backpack would make a pretty manly diaper bag, right? Ha.

1, 2, 3, 4

Welcome to the weekend. xo.


She + He : Scenes from yesterday.

Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's day! Stone and I made breakfast together, which included chocolate croissants, bacon, eggs, and tons of yummy fruit! We spent the day working then headed to a flower shop where you pick your own flowers... secret about my husband is that he loves flowers just as much and probably more than I do. Then yesterday night we had sushi and went to go see The Descendants, which was not the most romantic movie around, but definitely a good one to see! Back to the grind today though...



Food to love : Cocoa truffles.

I am currently snacking on Trader Joe's cocoa truffles and they could not be more delicious. This is by far my favorite truffle and I would love to someday make them myself, but as for now I will let TJ do the baking and I will do the eating! If you are feeling domestic and inspired I found a no fail cocoa truffle recipe here that you should try out. Let me know how it goes and don't feel bad to grab a handful it's what this day is about, right? Splurge!


Baby love : Oh, there it is...

Here is a little update of what the bump is looking like these days... a lot bigger :) I have a little over 3 months to go and am definitely feeling more pregnant! It did exactly what I thought it would... popped overnight! Along with the belly came a few other awesome things like a bladder that can only handle a few gulps of water, tossing and turning throughout the night (I finally got a body pillow and the last two nights have been so much better), and of course the awkward stares of people not quite sure whether you are pregnant, have some sort of growth, or just have a massive beer belly. Oofta, the joys of pregnancy!

On another note, baby boy is happy and healthy weighing in at approximately 1 lb and kicking like a crazy man. I love feeling his little movements!

Hope you all are having the happiest of valentine's days.

Tuesday Tunes : 500 miles.

A twist on an old love song... enjoy! xo.


Weekend wrap up.

I will let the iPhone do most of the talking for this post... and if you want to know the real truth, there were probably 4 other photos of sweets from this weekend that I am keeping hidden from you! My sweet tooth has come out in full force lately and there is nothing stopping it. Yikes!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend, welcome to the week... it's going to be a good one! xo.


Baby love : Surfing babe.

We are gearing up our baby boy to be the ultimate surfer... or at least he will look like it :) When we were in Kauai (by the way, I will most definitely be sharing more stories and photos from our trip... we shot everything on film so it is in the process of being developed!) we picked up a great Billabong baby tee designed by Andy Davis that I think will fit in perfectly with our beach boy's wardrobe. On another note, I am looking for some creative ideas to decorate onesies. Something easy and not too cheesy... thoughts?

1 and 2

Gift Guide : Love.

Yup. It's that time of the year again. Truly, I think the holiday is a little silly, but it is a great excuse to get flowers, eat chocolate, and go on a hot date so I can't be too cynical. Stone and I usually have a chocolate heavy brunch at home, grab dinner at one of our favorite spots, and then head to the movie theater. Is that lame? Probably, but I used to be one of those girls that expected the world on a silver platter for Valentine's Day and those expectations usually left me upset and dear husband (boyfriend at the time) defeated. So, simple is best for us. I would not complain about some pretty flowers though (hint, hint). Do you like to celebrate Valentine's? If you are like us, then here is the recipe for a lovely, simply perfect day...

1 : Handmade LOVE gifts or cards. These are so sweet I thought, perhaps something I could try and make myself one day.

2 : Some love poems, songs, stories, letters... all of the above work. Shakespeare perfected it, but you could give it a shot too!

3 : Heart shaped pancakes... preferably with chocolate chips!

4 : Fresh flowers... I don't know any girl who would not want a sweet bouquet especially if it is sent to work so others can ooo and ahhh :)

5 : Chocolate. Of course.




We made it to Kauai and so far it is as amazing as everyone told me it would be! Just beautiful. Stone and I are totally wiped out after our 6 hours of flying today... but, I will be keeping you updated on our adventures :)


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