Weekend wrap up : New changes.

Hello and welcome to Monday! How was your weekend?

I hope you have noticed that changes are happening on this blog! We finally have ads up, this is something husband has been urging me to do for quite some time and I have resisted. I guess I felt a little small cheese to be trying to compete in this big blog world. Either way, I am giving it a go and I am super excited about it. Throughout the next few months I will be doing advertiser spotlights here and there so you can get to know more about all of these great people!

Now, if you would like more information about this little blog and how to advertise on it (or if you just want to chat) you can email me at : shelandstone@gmail.com

Stone and I also had a big new change this weekend, totally unrelated to the blog, that we are pretty pumped about. Stone is now the proud owner of a classic (meaning OLD) BMW convertible. We have been a one car family for almost a year now and he is so excited to have a new little project to tinker with and of course cruise around Encinitas in. I have to say, it is the perfect little California car... now I just need to figure out a way to ride in it without my hair becoming a tangly mess of dreads :)

I have told you about Stone's car "thing", haven't I? Perhaps I will save this for another time... or better yet, maybe I will have him post and tell you..!



Brady said...

Good Work Shel!!! I think thats the best way for you to do ads.

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