Look of the Week : DC living.

One thing Stone and I noticed immediately when we got to DC was the large amount of suit-clad girls and guys about our age walking around town. We seriously overheard conversations of 20-somethings saying "Oh, I want to introduce you to my colleagues from the White House" and "So I said to the guy... Don't you know I went to Princeton". Not that we have been living under a rock or anything, but this is not normal clothing or conversation for Boulder and Encinitas. I love it, the idea of wearing a suit, living in a Brownstone house, and working at the White House... I mean, I probably would love it for like a week and then be over it. But, it is fun to envision that lifestyle anyway :) So this week I put together a little DC outfit for the ladies, because most of the all-black suits I saw walking around could use some spicing up.

Glasses : Warby Parker
Scarf : Hermes
Dress : Miu Miu
Bangles : Kate Spade
Watch : Nixon
Laptop Case : Kate Spade
Heels : Tory Burch

* Obviously I was on a DC business woman salary for this outfit too :)

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