Look of the Week : Beach day.

Well it is starting to warm up in this part of the world... and not just in California... I know for a fact that people are pulling their bathing suits out from storage in many states :)

I have now become a beach-goer. Which, is new for me. I used to not like it because of the smell of seaweed, dirty seagulls trying to steal from me, and coming home with sand stuck to me... falling in my car and house. I know, I know... such a negative Nancy. But, I have changed! I now am so fully prepared when i go to the beach and I love it so much! There are definitely some essentials to have, so I thought I would share them with you just in case you ever want to come visit me out on the West Coast. Hope you enjoy!

Sun hat : JCrew
Cover up : Calypso
Swimsuit : Anthropologie
Bag : Nixon
Sunscreen : Kiehl's
Beach game : Smashball


kelsey said...

The Bag! Now I really want it :)

Shel + Stone said...

Me too!

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