Look of the Week : Rainy day.

Hello and happy Monday!

Sorry for the lack of 'Weekend Wrap Up' this week. All in all, we had a fantastic weekend eating here, drinking here and seeing this movie! I recommend all three :)

Because we are have found ourselves in the middle of April already (time is flying) I thought I would share a good rainy day look with you all. Also, I just love a classic Burberry trench (on my wardrobe bucket list) and wanted to find a way to make a look out of it! California has already had some torrential rains this season... nothing, of course, compared to the rains in Texas. When I was little I would beg my mom to take me to the mall whenever there was a tornado warning for our area. Partly because I was convinced that our mall was so sturdy that no tornado could carry it away, and partly because the mall will cheer anyone up on a gloomy day, right?

Hope you enjoy! xo.

Umbrella - Echo
Trench - Burberry
Waterproof Mascera - Bare Escentuals
Waterproof Camera - Pentax
Boots - Hunter

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