Feeling crafty : Chalkboard wall.

Okay so I know that this craft is nothing new to you. We have all seen it, done it ourselves, read about how other people are doing it and so on... But, I thought I would share anyway! This wall in our bedroom has become an ever changing art wall. First, we had the Polaroid heart (they all fell off eventually), then we had a poster and now the chalkboard. With such limited space in our home to decorate it is kind of fun to change things up every now and then.

This little craft went up a couple of days ago, and I have been documenting husband's notes, it seems he is enjoying it :) We used peel and stick chalkboard from a company called Wallies. They work like a charm, although they claim to allow you to take off and stick in various other places while keeping their stickiness and without leaving a mark. I have not tried that yet, but a month from now we will probably be changing this wall up again and I will let you know!



Morgan said...

this is so cute and sweet.

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