Inspiration board : Typography love.

Growing up with two graphic designers as parents and then marrying one myself I have learned of the importance of typography as an art. And now, this art is so accessible to the public through sites like dafont that allow you to download every imaginable letter design you could possibly think of. When Stone and I were getting married, we were lucky to know the right people in order to get beautiful letter pressed invitations. On top of that, I was able to go to the business and see first hand how it was being done by hand. The history of typography is pretty rich too, and it is interesting to see the juxtaposition of how our generation relies so heavily on the computer (or phone, or iPAD) to convey any and all messages.

Sorry to get all technical on you there. All this to say, it is fun to see how typography has evolved through the years and notice the many messages we receive throughout the day because of it. Hope you enjoy!

2 : I love this necklace, really I love this entire jewelry series by Kate Spade. It could be a constant reminder to yourself, or a message conveyed to those meeting you about who you are! A risk taker in this instance!

3 : You've got some font on your face. This art series was done as a homage to some of our favorite fonts. The models were photographed with a different font painted onto their face and as well as trying to express the typeface's sentiment.

4 : A classic bag with a classic type. I need to start stocking up on these, it is starting to get a little embarrassing being the only girl who still asks for paper in the checkout line at Trader Joe's... hmmmmph, go green.

5 : This typographic chair would add a pop to your room. It would be fun if you could specify the saying and then they would design the chair from that...

6 : Fontstache. Wear one today.

7 : If you want to learn more about typography, and how it influences us this would be your film. I am wanting to rent it soon, I suppose it needs the right mood though.

8 : Some LOVEly pillows to throw on your bed. How sweet!


Anonymous said...

I love this! You are right, typography had evolved a ton. Thanks for sharing.

Stone said...

That chair is too cool! I didn't even realize it was a chair at first.

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