Weekend wrap up : And we're back.

Sorry for going missing these past few days! Stone and I have just gotten home from a whirlwind of a trip to DC. Our main purpose for this trip was shooting a wedding on Saturday, but we were also so happy to get to squeeze in some sightseeing and friend time. The wedding was perfect and Stone and I felt both lucky and honored to get to be a part of it. As always, I am so looking forward to sharing the photos with you! I had never been to DC so this was my very first time and it was both good and bad (good news though, Stone and I are already laughing about the bad things). So here is the run down...


: Getting a tour of the many monuments and attractions. It was so fun getting to see The Capitol Building, F.D.R. Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, National WWII Memorial, Washington Monument, and of course The White House.

: Browsing some of the famous works at the Smithsonian from artists like Warhol, Giacometti, Lichtenstein, Pollock, and Rothko.

: Enjoying incredibly delicious food from We The Pizza and Good Stuff Eatery!

: Meeting and shooting the most beautiful and caring couple, who are now happily married!

: Hanging with our friends on the East Coast.


: Realizing that when our GPS tells us it will take us 15 minutes to get somewhere, in actuality it will take us at least an hour.

: Our rental car breaking down in the middle of the ghetto (seriously shady part of town), which meant we had to delay our dinner plans in order to travel back to the airport and switch out the car.

: Getting to the monuments on our one day of sightseeing and realizing we had no memory card in our camera. So sad.

: The valet at our hotel losing our car keys... not kidding... we stood in the driveway for an hour Sunday morning waiting for our car until they finally found them! Whew.

: Rain on the wedding day... but really, a wet knot is a tight knot :)

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