Simple Spring

I am confident that since becoming a mother my needs have become way more simple. Perhaps it is because all of the sudden you are not so selfish anymore, I don't mean to sound harsh, but before having Knox I was solely doing things that make me happy. The 'who, what, when, where' of my life revolved around me. Now it revolves around sleeping and feeding schedules and because of that I have become way more of a simple gal. It does not take too much to make me happy. These days it is a moment of peace preferable outside with a good book, something comfy on, and nothing else. 

I thought I would put together a lust list, if you will, of my Spring favorites. As I perused Kate Spade and Anthropologie I realized there is not much there that gets me excited. The things that are making me most excited about this spring is being able to garden in our backyard, pushing Knox in his swing outside, and seeing family. It is just an altered mindset than my life before baby.  I do, however, have a few things that I could find that I would be happy to call mine. Simple things, though. A new pair of shades, because I lose my one pair that I own every other day so it may be beneficial to have at lease a couple pairs to lose. Sophie Kinsella's new book, scoff all you want, but I love to get lost in her books! This bag to carry all of our beach belongings, best part is the zipper so things are not spilling out as I balance bag, baby, towels, umbrella, chairs, etc. on our walks down to the beach! And, lastly, I just ordered one of these tops, because I think they are so cute and these days comfy is key!

Happy Spring y'all! xo.


A bit from the weekend...

Our weekend was a pretty lazy one... the best kind!

Lately, in order to go on dates and not have to pay for a nanny we have been doing date swaps with friends! It is pretty great, we dropped Knox off on Friday at a friends' house and went to dinner and a movie. That is kind of our 'go to' date these days. It feels kind of lame because I always imagined that after having a baby we should have these long romantic dinners, however the sweetest thing about our dates is getting to sit for 2 hours, hold hands, and not have to speak a word. Movies are our thing. We saw Admission and thought it was pretty good, not my favorite, but definitely entertaining! 

This weekend was also spent gardening, eating doughnuts, beach walking, hanging with friends, park outings, and an engagement session. We got to photograph the most stylish couple in one of the most beautiful locations we have ever been! There is a lavender farm pretty close to where we live and it makes for a pretty epic backdrop, I just cannot wait to share the photos!

Hope your weekend was wonderful :)

The little man is starting to stand up on everything!

My favorite is the maple glaze!

Keys Creek Lavender Farm



A little T Swift for your friday... only the best to start the weekend off ;)



Lets try this again...

So my grand plans of continuing blogging post-baby have crashed and burned... until now... hopefully :)

The truth is that I love blogging. I love having a place where I can share thoughts, be creative, and dream. That sounds pretty cheesy, but it is the truth. Our little family has had a pretty incredible past 9 months starting with the birth of our baby boy, Knox. He is everything we ever could have imagined and so much more. The coolest little human being I have ever met by far... and the best part is that he is all ours. I hope to share a lot more about Knox and our adventures in parenthood on this blog. We have a lot of fun and have learned so, so much. Here is a little photoshoot of our fam back in November taken by our good friends Rachel and Rico Castillero when Knox was a wee little 5 month old. He now is standing and that little hawk of his has blossomed it to a full grown head of hair! Ha.

Happy Monday! xo.

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