A bit from the weekend...

Our weekend was a pretty lazy one... the best kind!

Lately, in order to go on dates and not have to pay for a nanny we have been doing date swaps with friends! It is pretty great, we dropped Knox off on Friday at a friends' house and went to dinner and a movie. That is kind of our 'go to' date these days. It feels kind of lame because I always imagined that after having a baby we should have these long romantic dinners, however the sweetest thing about our dates is getting to sit for 2 hours, hold hands, and not have to speak a word. Movies are our thing. We saw Admission and thought it was pretty good, not my favorite, but definitely entertaining! 

This weekend was also spent gardening, eating doughnuts, beach walking, hanging with friends, park outings, and an engagement session. We got to photograph the most stylish couple in one of the most beautiful locations we have ever been! There is a lavender farm pretty close to where we live and it makes for a pretty epic backdrop, I just cannot wait to share the photos!

Hope your weekend was wonderful :)

The little man is starting to stand up on everything!

My favorite is the maple glaze!

Keys Creek Lavender Farm

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