Have a wonderful weekend.

Photos taken tonight in Estes Park as we were leaving the wedding!

Stone and I just got home from yet another gorgeous wedding. This time it was up in Estes Park, and really such a fun, happy and in love couple. It was so fun to be a part of it! We actually don't have much going on this weekend, but one thing that is definitely on our agenda... sleeping in : )

As always, some great little tidbits from around the worldwide web.


A history of colors for Crayola.

One of my all time favorite desserts (it's Greek!).

All you need to know about the Kentucky Derby. I so want to go one of these years!

Vintage Vogue photos.

Frye low-top sneakers. Love them.

Classic Penguin book covers.

A fun book to bring along on your next trip.

Forget-me-not rings.

Giving up the gun.

It's Friday... put on your headphones at work and listen to this... it's a great tune to bring you into the weekend. Plus there are some pretty awesome cameos in it.

Stone and I are headed to shoot another wedding today in Estes Park... whew! Busy busy.

Enjoy it. xoxo.

Homemade granola bars. Mmmmm!

Recipe and photo found here.

Completely healthy and totally easy. A great breakfast or after-school snack too.

- 1 1/3 cups quick-cooking (not instant) rolled oats, divided

- a pinch each fine salt, ground cinnamon, ground nutmeg and ground ginger

- 1/4 cup flax seeds

- 1 cup dried apricots, roughly chopped (or any combination of roughly chopped dried fruit and/or nuts)

- 1/2 cup of dark chocolate bits

- 1/4 cup canola oil

- 1/4 cup high quality maple syrup

- 2 tablespoons corn or rice syrup

Preheat the oven to 350ºF. Line a 8” square baking pan with parchment paper, letting a bit of excess paper hang over the sides.

Grind 1/3 cup of the oats in a food processor until powdery. Add them to a large mixing bowl with the remaining oats, the salt and spices, flax seeds, and apricots. In a smaller bowl, whisk together the wet ingredients and then stir them into the dry ingredients.

Put the mixture in the prepared pan, smoothing the top with a rubber spatula. Bake for 1/2 hour, or until evenly browned. Remove from oven and let cool for about 15 minutes. Remove to a cutting board (the parchment paper will act as a sort-of sling, making this very easy). Cut into individual granola bars.


Are you happy?

Stone and I just got home from shooting a wedding... a Thursday wedding, I know, kinda different. It was totally fun, with lots of dancing, which is always the best.

I found this print here and of course think it is so awesome. Reminds me of something my mom would have loved to put in my room growing up : )

Sneak Peek: Jaime's headshots

Check out more here.

Also, we hope you like our new website layout! All thanks to our amazing friend and web designer Keiran. We still have a few kinks to work out, but we hope you like it : )

Converting a garage into a home.

I saw this home here and thought it was just the cutest little house. So many great nooks. With only $35,000 this Seattle woman converted her garage into a home decorating with unique finds like a reclaimed ship's ladder, old United Airlines lockers and a claw foot tub found at salvage yard. Very cool.


Mr. Fox really is fantastic.

I am watching this movie as I write and it is so great... the details behind the making of this movie are even more awesome, so awesome that they made a book all about it. Wes Anderson (the director) uses stop-motion technique, meaning that the entire movie is a stream of photos taken to create motion. Kind of like when we used to make flip books in grade school of a person jumping into a swimming pool. Very cool.

Check out more here.

Photos found here.

I will never use Papyrus ever again.

I love the typography print in this photo... and the humor behind the statement. My husband is a graphic designer (as well as photographer of course... a man of many talents) and he always notices when people use the Papyrus font because I suppose in the graphic design world it is a. not cool and b. overused. 

I will have to find out where this print is and get it for Stone's office, he would be thrilled.

Photo found here.


Okay, so this is a pretty easy (make that extremely easy) recipe. You will need...

Lollipop sticks
Cream Cheese
CandiQuik baking chocolate
One box of vanilla, chocolate, or red velvet cake mix


The ingredients that go with that cake mix, usually oil, eggs and water.

Bake the cake as directed on the box, if you are feeling super snazzy, you can even bake it from scratch :)

Then using a fork, crumble up the cake while it is still warm.

Add half of an 80z. package of cream cheese to the crumbled cake, then using your hands begin working the cream cheese in until you are able to make little cake balls that will stick together.

Roll all of the cake into small 1 inch balls. Melt the chocolate as directed on the package then begin dipping (this gets messy... BUT it is a delicious mess).

Lastly, using any method you see fit, cover every cake ball with chocolate and let sit. You can either have cake truffles (without lollipop sticks) or simply add the lollipop sticks before the chocolate has hardened and voila... cake-pops!



A goodbye dessert party.

Stone and I had a little gathering last Sunday to bid farewell to our friend Syd. We definitely had an array of desserts from cake lollipops to twinkies. It was really fun and we cannot wait to visit Syd in San Diego or DC, which ever comes first : )

I made a couple of these delicious desserts and there will be recipes/photos to come!

I'm dreaming of pretty closets.

Well with this beautiful weather comes one unfortunate task... switching out my closet. Right now, in our just below 900 square foot apartment we are sharing a closet. And I will be the first to tell you my husband has a lot of clothes and a lot of shoes... I mean A LOT. So begins the process of taking the bins out from under my bed and switching from sweaters and boots to sundresses and sandals. What a pain. One day, one day I will have a beautiful closet all to myself, until then, I will just dream of the closets above that I saw here.


Celebrating mom.

Mother's day is right around the corner (May 9, if you did not know already :)  ), so I did a little browsing and found some really great gift ideas. To me, finding gifts for mom is never hard, I can pretty much think of too many things to get her, it is Father's Day that is always hard to buy for.

This day has always been fun for me because I was born on May 12, which some years it falls exactly on Mother's day, and is at least right around it. We would always celebrate together, and for mom we would get up a little early to make breakfast in bed which was always a fun treat. We thought we were so sneaky, but by the third year of us doing this I am sure she caught on : )

Anyway, here are some gift ideas for your mom or mother-in-law (now I have two mom's to celebrate this day!) on her day!


Modern dollhouses.

I posted a link to these dollhouses on a weekend post a couple of weeks ago, but thought that their 'coolness' needed more attention.

The designers of these dollhouses get their cues from what is actually being designed in the modern world for homes (like IKEA furniture) and then they miniturize it. I would have LOVED all the detail of these houses when I was little. I had a dollhouse of course, but mine was so old fashioned even for the late 80s/early 90s when I was playing with it.

Okay, thats the last I will mention these, promise... I just hope one day I have a little girl I can buy one of these for and then I can play too : )

Chalkboard paint love.

So I have always liked chalkboard paint, but, I am kind of a neat freak, and sometimes it seems to look busy or messy in homes. Therefore, I think it is perfect for a kid's room, play room, or even in a kitchen pantry. And even more perfect, they have come out with colorful chalkboard paint! I love the idea, and hope one day I can let down my hair enough to use it in my own home.


Saturday night bike ride.

The rain finally let up for a few hours on Saturday... which meant we had to get outside quickly, as there is even more rain in our forecast! So, we went on a bike ride.

It was perfect. Stone has become a little obsessed with the iPhone app 'ShakeIt' so lately we he has been taking photos almost everywhere we go. I like this because after our first year of marriage we noticed we really had just a few (really barely any) photos documenting our year together. I suppose when you are a photographer you are constantly taking photos of other people and rarely remember taking your camera on non-photo related outings. Well, the iPhone app has rectified that situation, and even though they are just little, low-quality phone photos, I am still happy to have something to look back on.

Back to the bike ride though.... It was nice to take the cruisers out and enjoy some fresh air, but since Spring has sprung there must be a lot of pollen in the air because when we got home I not only was sneezing and blowing my nose like crazy, but I had a serious rash across my face! Yikes (reminded me of days in Junior High!). It went away the next day, thank goodness. Oh, the allergy sacrifices we make for beautiful Spring weather. 


Have a wild weekend.

As always, we have a pretty busy weekend ahead of us! Tonight we had an amazing dinner here, with our friends Keiran and Jenni. We came straight home after to bake blueberry muffins for a 5k tomorrow morning which is raising money to support our friends Leanne and Chris as they prepare to head to Cambodia for two years of mission work. Lastly, we are throwing a dessert party on Sunday for our friend Syd who leaves next week for grad school in DC. Whew! Lots of fun!

Here are some link treats I came across this week. Enjoy!


Green toys for the kiddos.

A Narnia-esque armoire.

Anthropologie has wallpaper!? Am I the last to know? Love it.

Gardens on the go! You can even transport them on your car.

Some music for your weekend. (Thank you Kitty!)

Engagement photos of the awesome couple we had dinner with tonight!

Design inspiration.

I feel like the quickest way to change a space with the least effort and most impact is to switch out the throw pillows that are scattered around on chairs and sofas. I like the idea of putting pillows together with no rhyme or reason just because they are fun and colorful. We have a brown leather sofa, so really anything works to decorate it. Above are some fun pillows I found of all price ranges. 

You can find these pillows here.

Everybody loves... BABIES.

Have you seen the trailer to this movie? It looks so good/cute. This documentary follows four babies from different corners of the world from birth to their first steps. Cannot wait to see the difference and similarities in how these little ones are raised in their first year.

Here is the synopsis if you are interested in hearing more...

'Everybody loves… BABIES. This visually stunning new movie simultaneously follows four babies around the world — from first breath to first steps. From Mongolia to Namibia to San Francisco to Tokyo, BABIES joyfully captures on film the earliest stages of the journey of humanity that are at once unique and universal to us all.'


Let's end the night on a sweet note.

One of my favorite blogs posted about these incredible looking cupcakes and I have not stopped thinking about them since. This website was created by a Harvard grad (I bet she was invited to ALL the late night study groups) and she gives the recipes for all of these creative cupcakes and more!

On a side note, I was exhausted tonight, it is hard to motivate to go to the gym when work is over at 6:30... we did not eat dinner until after 9! Ooops. Maybe for all of this hard work we deserve a cupcake ourselves this weekend. This is my favorite place to go for cupcakes, so yummy!

Happy Earth Day.

Spend some time outside today : )
Photo taken by my sweet husband.

Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull volcano.

Absolutely crazy. I saw these photos here (thanks Jenna for showing them to me) where they have over 30 photos of scenes from the eruption of Iceland's volcano (I won't even put the name of the volcano in here, because who really can pronounce that?). Anyway, It gives a small glimpse into what it is like to be there right now, there are a few photos of ranchers rounding up their cattle and horses or farmers checking out the soil condition after all the ash has fallen to the ground... the little things that we probably do not think about. Anyway, check them out, and you can see more here too.


It is raining cats and dogs.

For the next 4 days it is going to be raining like crazy here. And it all started tonight... we had some serious hail. I found these fun umbrellas here. A great little treat for Spring!

I should have thought of that: Weddings

I absolutely LOVE this idea.

Kristin and Brandon have had their wedding featured on multiple wedding blogs because of their creative idea to use cotton plants in leu of large flower arrangements and bouquets. This turned out to be a gorgeous decor idea... looks like something straight out of an Anthropologie catalog. I love how it adds to the rustic and whimsical feel of this wedding, not to mention it made for some really awesome photos.

To see more photos from this wedding go here.

Before & After: Bathroom

I love this bathroom renovation, complete with claw-foot tub, vintage light fixture, and mint colored walls!

See more of this Before & After here.


Ask and you shall receive.

Remember when I came up with the idea to have a Chipotle truck here? Well, they do not have a truck... but close enough, a Chipotle delivery bike! 

Okay, I am not actually giving myself credit for this one, but I am pretty pumped about the idea, I wonder if there is only like a 5 mile radius that they will deliver to?

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