Let's go fly a kite.

The weather today was gorgeous. It was definitely hard to be indoors all day working...

I called Stone from work today to make plans for when we got home, we decided we needed to be outside. Question was should we go on a run, a bike ride or try out the new kite that Stone bought? When I got home from work the kite had been assembled and was sitting on the kitchen table ready to go... question answered.

We took it out behind our house (we are lucky enough to have a bike/running trail, a creek, baseball fields and some open space back there) to the open field and tried to get that kite in the air, we tried again... and again... and again. No luck. Turns out you should invest more than $2 into your kites if you want them to actually fly (we threw it in the trash). But it was nice to be outside for a bit, and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful weather with my husband!

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