Mmmm s'mores.

Well, it looks like we are going to have a little bit more winter weather (there is snow in the forecast). The only advantage to having a few more weeks of the cold is that maybe we can have one more night of s'mores, blankets and hot tea. Our friend Skyler has an outdoor fire pit, perfect for s'more making. He has also perfected the recipe using cinnamon graham crackers, dark chocolate, and of course the mallow.

However, the BEST s'mores that I have EVER had came from this amazing restaurant in the Bishop Arts District in Dallas called Tillman's. Truly delicious. With homemade marshmallows in flavors like orange, coffee and maple, how could it not be incredible? 
Oh, and while we are on the topic, this restaurant's decor is perfection... so is their chipotle ribs and white cheddar mac-n-cheese.

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