I should have thought of that: Weddings

I absolutely LOVE this idea.

Kristin and Brandon have had their wedding featured on multiple wedding blogs because of their creative idea to use cotton plants in leu of large flower arrangements and bouquets. This turned out to be a gorgeous decor idea... looks like something straight out of an Anthropologie catalog. I love how it adds to the rustic and whimsical feel of this wedding, not to mention it made for some really awesome photos.

To see more photos from this wedding go here.


Annie said...

Hi. Would you like to plan my wedding for me? I'm serious!! Also, what about doing it free of charge? Just give me the "perfect wedding" with bits & pieces of your favorite things from all the other weddings you have witnessed. Ok, thank you so much!!

Shel + Stone said...

haha... sounds like a deal : )

oh, annie, you are way more stylish than even I am! your wedding will be perfection I know it! But, i do hope someone uses this cotton idea... so cool.

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