Have a royal weekend.

Hooray for the weekend, so happy (as always) that is has arrived :)

I am in a bit of a rush this morning, but will definitely be posting some links later for you to check out so don't forget to come back.

I just quickly wanted to post for two reasons... to say good morning AND to post a photo of Kate in her absolutely stunning dress. She looks incredible! Have you seen any of the other photos from the wedding day? There are a ton to peruse here. The two of them seem so cute and happy together... I secretly think Kate and I could be really great friends too :)



Look of the Week(end) : Going to the chapel.

So whether you are the bride to be, or you are trying to find room on your already crammed fridge for yet another wedding invitation... either way wedding season is in full bloom! With the upcoming royal wedding it seems to be the talk across the globe... what to wear? While, I don't necessarily suggest these dresses for Kate Middleton's wedding (I so wish we wore fancy hats to weddings in America), I do think that they are some great options for those less royal weddings in our datebook. Or if you are the bride (congratulations!) you are probably in the market for shower and rehearsal dresses and you have come to the right spot. Throughout this season I will be collaging dresses here and there as I see them, and today from the looks of it I was in a pink/sparkly mood!

Now for the real question... who of you will be waking up in the middle of the night (CNN 4AM ET Friday) to watch the royal nuptials on TV? I sooo wish I could... and I would if only I had cable...

To catch up on all of Kate and Will's happenings go here, to see past royal wedding gowns go here, and to plan your trip to London to join in on the festivities go here!

As if you were reading a book....


She + He = We : Park day!

Last weekend Stone and I spent the entire afternoon in a park. When was the last time you did that? I truly do not think I have just spent a day relaxing at a park since college. Needless to say it was just what the doctor ordered, we did not even think about work and we got nice tank top tans while doing it :)

We stayed entertained with plenty of yard games like Smashball, Croquet, Frisbee, Cornhole, and a slack line, for those who were feeling extra adventurous.

Spring is here, call your friends and head to a park... trust me, you need a day like this. xo.


Inspiration board : Pinterest frenzy.

Have you gotten into Pinterest?

It is like a constant stream of inspiring pictures... almost a creative overload! I have become a bit addicted, instead of telling Stone or emailing a friend every time I see something I like I can just 'pin it'. Great idea, right? Anyway, now my folder on my desktop is getting quite stuffed of pictures that have inspired me from Pinterest and so I thought I would share them with you and also let you know who pinned it so that you could start your own account and begin following some of these fashionistas and crazy creatives! Enjoy.

1 : Saw this photo early this morning pinned from here onto this board and fell in love... since then it has been posted on multiple blogs! There is just something about that blue mid-calf skirt....

2 : Boba tea... mmmmmm! Pinned from here onto this board.

3 : I am always getting fun hair style ideas from Pinterest... and I recently saw this one pinned onto this board. I am actually rockin' this style right now and I just love it.

4 : The perfect Spring-y necklace pinned onto this board.

5 : Nothing better than Olsen style... nothing better... Pinned onto this board from here!

6 : I am dying to change out the throw pillows throughout the house... for the bed, for the couch and for our entry way chair. Would love some new Spring ones like these pinned onto this board!

7 : S'more cookies because sometimes a fire is too difficult to come by. Pinned onto this board.

8 : A great Beatles quote never to forget. Pinned onto this board.

That's a wrap : We got shot.

Stone and I were so pumped to get to meet and be the subjects of a shoot shop with The Image Is Found yesterday. Jan Schill, who is a photographer from Colorado (whoop), was taking the workshop and so we had two cameras pointed at us. Yikes! For a couple who is used to being behind the lens this was a tiny bit intimidating. We tried our best to act totally normal and comfortable in front of the cameras... hopefully we pulled it off (fingers crossed). Either way we are so excited to see how the photos turn out!


Photo by Jan Schill with Nate (Image is Found) and us in the background :)

Tuesday Tunes : Honeypie.

Good morning! The music for today is nothing new, but always good and easy to listen to. Phoenix and The Weepies top my list of favorite bands of all time and I would just love LOVE to go to a Phoenix concert someday...

Anyway, I hope you all are having a happy Tuesday :) I am currently working on my inspiration board for today so be on the lookout for it. Enjoy the tunes! xo.

Photo found here.


Weekend wrap up : Easter Sunday.

I am kind of taking the day off today from blogging, but I thought I would quickly share some photos from our Easter! I hope you had a wonderful Sunday with family :)

Stone and I at Easter sunrise service. So early, but incredibly encouraging to see over 2,000 people gathered on the beach with their blankets and hot coffee to celebrate Jesus' resurrection. The day was extra special because Stone was baptized in the ocean!

Kumquats from our neighbors tree that they so kindly gave to us. Their backyard is just as good as a produce aisle in the grocery store, with tons of different citrus fruits!

Stone made us vanilla lattes (Yummmmm) on Easter morning after church. We got a beautiful espresso machine for our wedding and need to remember to use it more!

Oh and we also treated ourselves to semi-homemade waffles. I used a mix but added some special ingredients to give it a tasty kick. The whipped cream was Stone's idea ;)

And clearly he went a bit overboard with his...


Have a happy weekend!

The end of another week has made its way here... happy Friday to you all! Good Friday at that!

This is going to be a really special weekend for us. This weekend celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. And in an outward proclamation of that, husband will be baptized on Sunday morning in the ocean (brrrrr). I am so proud of him and feel so honored to be his wife.

"Only he who loses his life will save it.
We are baptized into the death of Christ and
it is the remedy for the fall."

Stone and I are also pretty excited because this Saturday we are spending a day in the park with friends. Hooray. Nothing better than some BBQ, yard games, and friend time. Lastly, I have made a promise to myself to clean out my closet... yikes. Not fun, but it needs to be done! I am hoping to be able to sell some stuff afterwards at a consignment shop, but we will see, first I need to focus on the actual closet cleaning part.

I hope you all have a joyous weekend, here are some links to love! xo.

Yup, it's true. For all of us who were obsessed with Lisa Loeb in the 90s because of her awesome glasses and perfect lyrics, we can now look like her too!

My sister-in-law's husband, Buck, in the Keystone Slush Cup... you have to see this!

Anyone dying eggs this weekend?

I always love some good skincare tips, especially from someone like Gwyn!

The original Sartorialist... Bill Cunningham.


Gift guide : Celebrating mom.

Mother's day is just around the corner (along with my birthday... ahem...)! So it is time to start planning before it is too late and the best thing you can think of is a candle from the card shop on your way to your mom's house. I have compiled some things I know most moms would love and appreciate... along with a mushy card and a back massage that is! I hope this helps you out, now go ahead and get something today, May 8 will be here before you know it!


She + He = We : Take me out to the ball game.

Okay so now we really are true Californians... we have two cruiser bikes, crazy blonde hair, live by the ocean, bought an old convertible and have been to our very FIRST Padres game. Woohoo! Last week Stone and I met our friends Chris and Laura at the train station and headed down to PETCO park. Did you know there was a passenger train in San Diego? Well, there are two. One will take you all the way up the coast and the other gets you basically from south San Diego up to Oceanside. Pretty convenient and fun. We were in such a rush to make the boarding that we forgot to get tickets (stowaways!) and had to pay up later. Ooops.

Back to the game! It was just everything a baseball game should be... complete with peanuts, sunflower seeds, and hot dogs! We left after the 9th inning because we were still tied and did not know how long it would last. Turns out the Cincinnati Reds took home the win, by 6 runs! Yikes. Glad we did not stay for that one.

Cannot wait until my next game :) xo.


Inspiration board : Tools for the kitchen.

Good morning!

Stone and I watched a documentary film last night called Kings of Pastry while we were folding the mountains of laundry that is always inevitable after traveling. Have you heard of it? It is a great film about French pastry chefs who compete yearly for the Meilleur Ouvrier de France (the MOF), which is such an esteemed award that the President is always there to personally congratulate the winners. You should watch this, you get so wrapped up in the characters that they introduce to you and the intensity of this competition.

Anyway, it got me thinking about cooking and baking of course. Two things I truly enjoy given the right utensils and kitchen. Right now in our tiny little kitchen it is hard to think about making a gourmet meal... so I really don't. I just stick to the basics, which works for now. However, cooking lessons are on my bucket list and I hope to take them sooner rather than later :) For this inspiration board I compiled a few kitchen gadgets that have either been essential in my kitchen or things that I just think look fun and would love to own one day. I hope you enjoy and find some inspiration to get cooking! xo.

1 : Immersion hand blenders... I had not used one until recently and am so confused as to how I have gone this long. This is a great tool to blend, chop, grind or puree basically anything!

2 : I am constantly reaching for these mixing bowls. They are perfection in a mixing bowl and who can resist all of the fun colors?

3 : This is the classic Cuisinart food processor and I would not want anything more fancy. It is perfect for making my pesto and has so many add ons you can do just about everything with this machine.

4 : Whoever thought of this is pretty clever... a corn basket for the grill. This would just be something fun to have for the summertime when grilled corn is a must!

5 : A few years ago we were at a friends' house and they whipped up some homemade tortillas and queso for us. Absolutely delicious! Since then Stone and I have always said that we want one of these so we can do it ourselves!

6 : With all of our herbs growing out on the patio this herb mincer is a nice tool to have!

7 : If you have not quite mastered the grilled pizza technique then this pan works perfectly for homemade oven pizzas! Stone and I have recommended it to everyone we know.

8 : How fun would it be to make your own popcorn? I think I need this...

9 : I have a scar on my left hand from trying to cut an avocado, it was not a pretty scene. This little gadget would eliminate the chance of that happening again!

Tuesday tunes : DC love.

Stone has recently started to make mini-movies from our trips and adventures. It is really fun to be able to look back and watch. Hopefully these videos do not become the next iPhone photos where we take them, store them, and then 40 years from now we will have no actual photos or videos to prove that we were young once. They will be lost somewhere on the internet and gone forever. We really do need to get better at taking actual camera photos of our travels and printing them. Are you good at this? Now I am feeling antsy to get these videos onto a DVD, but who knows if those will even exist 40 years from now?! Oh geeze, such a dilemma.

Anyway, our trip was so fun and this is just glimpses of it. The music is 'Backseat Lovers' by The Last Royals. Hope you enjoy! xo.


Look of the Week : DC living.

One thing Stone and I noticed immediately when we got to DC was the large amount of suit-clad girls and guys about our age walking around town. We seriously overheard conversations of 20-somethings saying "Oh, I want to introduce you to my colleagues from the White House" and "So I said to the guy... Don't you know I went to Princeton". Not that we have been living under a rock or anything, but this is not normal clothing or conversation for Boulder and Encinitas. I love it, the idea of wearing a suit, living in a Brownstone house, and working at the White House... I mean, I probably would love it for like a week and then be over it. But, it is fun to envision that lifestyle anyway :) So this week I put together a little DC outfit for the ladies, because most of the all-black suits I saw walking around could use some spicing up.

Glasses : Warby Parker
Scarf : Hermes
Dress : Miu Miu
Bangles : Kate Spade
Watch : Nixon
Laptop Case : Kate Spade
Heels : Tory Burch

* Obviously I was on a DC business woman salary for this outfit too :)

Weekend wrap up : And we're back.

Sorry for going missing these past few days! Stone and I have just gotten home from a whirlwind of a trip to DC. Our main purpose for this trip was shooting a wedding on Saturday, but we were also so happy to get to squeeze in some sightseeing and friend time. The wedding was perfect and Stone and I felt both lucky and honored to get to be a part of it. As always, I am so looking forward to sharing the photos with you! I had never been to DC so this was my very first time and it was both good and bad (good news though, Stone and I are already laughing about the bad things). So here is the run down...


: Getting a tour of the many monuments and attractions. It was so fun getting to see The Capitol Building, F.D.R. Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, National WWII Memorial, Washington Monument, and of course The White House.

: Browsing some of the famous works at the Smithsonian from artists like Warhol, Giacometti, Lichtenstein, Pollock, and Rothko.

: Enjoying incredibly delicious food from We The Pizza and Good Stuff Eatery!

: Meeting and shooting the most beautiful and caring couple, who are now happily married!

: Hanging with our friends on the East Coast.


: Realizing that when our GPS tells us it will take us 15 minutes to get somewhere, in actuality it will take us at least an hour.

: Our rental car breaking down in the middle of the ghetto (seriously shady part of town), which meant we had to delay our dinner plans in order to travel back to the airport and switch out the car.

: Getting to the monuments on our one day of sightseeing and realizing we had no memory card in our camera. So sad.

: The valet at our hotel losing our car keys... not kidding... we stood in the driveway for an hour Sunday morning waiting for our car until they finally found them! Whew.

: Rain on the wedding day... but really, a wet knot is a tight knot :)


That's a wrap : Michelle and Ryan tie the knot.

Stone has posted the photos from the last wedding we shot in Santa Barbara... check out some of my favorites below and then go HERE to see more!

Stone wrote a brief little overview about this beautiful wedding...

Oh my goodness. Where do I even begin with this wedding? Shelby and I drove up the coast highway on a warm Friday morning en route to Rancho Dos Pueblos just outside of Santa Barbara, CA in a quaint town called Goleta. As the waves crashed outside our car window we talked about our hopes and expectations for Michelle and Ryan's wedding. No doubt they were high, after all we had scoped out Rancho Dos Pueblos online and found that it was a 2200 acre piece of heaven complete with 15 houses, a breathtaking barn, private beach AND currently on the real estate market for a cool $99,000,000. Don't believe us? Check out the listing.

To say that our expectations were exceeded would be a MASSIVE understatement. Our expectations were blown away. On what turned out to be a chilly, and VERY rainy Saturday Kelly Oshiro and so many other talented people (listed below) transformed a rustic ranch into a vision from some sort of movie (I kept thinking a classy Hope Floats). AND while the setting and decor were second to none, the really memorable aspects of the event came from Michelle, Ryan, and the rest of their amazing family and friends. With so much love in the air, the cool weather and rain held no chance of dampening spirits.

All in all, both Shelby and I feel so fortunate to have been a part of such an amazing day.


Tuesday tunes : Winter winds.

Stone picked this one out for you guys. It is both a beautiful song and a great video. I feel like I would enjoy hanging out with these guys... or maybe even just getting to go to a concert :) Enjoy!

Inspiration board : Finding your green thumb.

Good morning!

In the spirit of the season I thought it would be fun to gather some of my favorite outdoor/gardening items to find some inspiration from. Stone and I are always pretending we have a green thumb when really we are just good at killing our plants. I have secretly even tried talking to our plants... urging them to flourish... no such luck. So far this season we have only killed one of our potted plants and I blame it on the heavy rain we had the week after we planted. Secret to my green thumb? Always blame the dead plants on something or someone else :) On a positive note though, our herbs and succulents are thriving, hooray!

Hope you find some inspiration for your garden however small or big it may be. xo.

1 : Watering your plants. This is the key to keeping them alive! The trick is learning how to not to over water or under water. If you have any suggestions for this, I am all ears!

2 : It is never a bad thing to educate yourself on the best types of plants for your specific climate and how to care for them. So for best results, always read before planting!

3 : We usually just grab a pair of scissors from our desk drawer, but I am sure if you had some legit gardening shears like these your garden would be way more successful. It is all about the tools :)

4 : I am IN LOVE with this outdoor table and chair set. One of my favorite things is hosting dinner parties, and since we have been living in California those parties tend to be outside rather than in. This set would seat so many people and look beautiful doing it!

5 : You can never have too many herbs, fruits and, vegetables growing!

6 : Stone is constantly following me around the house sweeping up dirt from my shoes or hair that I always seem to be shedding. So without one of these, he would have his work cut out for him! I love the colors too!

7 : We still have our white twinkle lights out on our porch from Christmas. I like them, but wish I had some like these that are a little less holiday-looking and more aesthetic!

8 : If you are planning on planting herbs, fruits, and vegetables in your garden it is always a good idea to label which is which. Then you are aware of how to care for each individually!

9 : This vintage pushcart would be a beautiful display for pots and garden tools. If only we had a a big backyard to put it in.


Look of the Week : Rainy day.

Hello and happy Monday!

Sorry for the lack of 'Weekend Wrap Up' this week. All in all, we had a fantastic weekend eating here, drinking here and seeing this movie! I recommend all three :)

Because we are have found ourselves in the middle of April already (time is flying) I thought I would share a good rainy day look with you all. Also, I just love a classic Burberry trench (on my wardrobe bucket list) and wanted to find a way to make a look out of it! California has already had some torrential rains this season... nothing, of course, compared to the rains in Texas. When I was little I would beg my mom to take me to the mall whenever there was a tornado warning for our area. Partly because I was convinced that our mall was so sturdy that no tornado could carry it away, and partly because the mall will cheer anyone up on a gloomy day, right?

Hope you enjoy! xo.

Umbrella - Echo
Trench - Burberry
Waterproof Mascera - Bare Escentuals
Waterproof Camera - Pentax
Boots - Hunter


It's Friday, Friday, Friday...

Okay, so by now there is no way you have not seen this video. Completely obnoxious, but it was stuck in my head for two days after I saw it. In fact, I don't even want to link to it because it is that bad. Jimmy Fallon and crew (including the hilarious Stephen Colbert) did a re-make that I think is pretty awesome!

I truly thought this day would never come! But, it always does.

So, do you have any magnificent plans for the weekend? Stone and I have a few dinner dates with friends, which we always love :) We also are planning on going to see this movie! I cannot wait, supposedly if it does well in box offices this weekend in California, then it will be able to open in more theaters nationwide. So, if you are here, go see it because I hear it is pretty incredible.

On Sunday, we have a photo shoot (praying for no rain!) and are celebrating my good friend Lacey's birthday! This is definitely one of those weekends, when my body really wants me to stay home and veg out, but alas we have filled it up with plans, which will undoubtedly be way more fun than staying at home :)

So happy Friday everyone, here are some links to love! xo.

JCrew Factory is online again this weekend... I already made a cart!

5 favorite french presses! Seriously, if you are still using a coffee maker you need to convert... today.

Kate Spade's first bike. Designed for tootling around town :)

Top ten buildings by female architects. My sister is an architect, and she will for sure be listed here one day!

Trip to Holland, anyone? How incredible are these tulip fields?!



Furnish your house with this PATTERNED bookshelf and add a POP of color with that collection of beautiful cookbooks (I am dying for these!)!


Feeling crafty : Chalkboard wall.

Okay so I know that this craft is nothing new to you. We have all seen it, done it ourselves, read about how other people are doing it and so on... But, I thought I would share anyway! This wall in our bedroom has become an ever changing art wall. First, we had the Polaroid heart (they all fell off eventually), then we had a poster and now the chalkboard. With such limited space in our home to decorate it is kind of fun to change things up every now and then.

This little craft went up a couple of days ago, and I have been documenting husband's notes, it seems he is enjoying it :) We used peel and stick chalkboard from a company called Wallies. They work like a charm, although they claim to allow you to take off and stick in various other places while keeping their stickiness and without leaving a mark. I have not tried that yet, but a month from now we will probably be changing this wall up again and I will let you know!



Inspiration board : Typography love.

Growing up with two graphic designers as parents and then marrying one myself I have learned of the importance of typography as an art. And now, this art is so accessible to the public through sites like dafont that allow you to download every imaginable letter design you could possibly think of. When Stone and I were getting married, we were lucky to know the right people in order to get beautiful letter pressed invitations. On top of that, I was able to go to the business and see first hand how it was being done by hand. The history of typography is pretty rich too, and it is interesting to see the juxtaposition of how our generation relies so heavily on the computer (or phone, or iPAD) to convey any and all messages.

Sorry to get all technical on you there. All this to say, it is fun to see how typography has evolved through the years and notice the many messages we receive throughout the day because of it. Hope you enjoy!

2 : I love this necklace, really I love this entire jewelry series by Kate Spade. It could be a constant reminder to yourself, or a message conveyed to those meeting you about who you are! A risk taker in this instance!

3 : You've got some font on your face. This art series was done as a homage to some of our favorite fonts. The models were photographed with a different font painted onto their face and as well as trying to express the typeface's sentiment.

4 : A classic bag with a classic type. I need to start stocking up on these, it is starting to get a little embarrassing being the only girl who still asks for paper in the checkout line at Trader Joe's... hmmmmph, go green.

5 : This typographic chair would add a pop to your room. It would be fun if you could specify the saying and then they would design the chair from that...

6 : Fontstache. Wear one today.

7 : If you want to learn more about typography, and how it influences us this would be your film. I am wanting to rent it soon, I suppose it needs the right mood though.

8 : Some LOVEly pillows to throw on your bed. How sweet!

Tuesday tunes : She stole my heart and made me sing.

Good morning to you. I have compiled some mellow music for you to listen to and relax a bit. My week already seems never ending and it is only Tuesday morning! Do you ever feel this way? If only we could take midday naps like when we were kids. Or maybe we should adopt Spain's tradition of an afternoon siesta. Why we do not do this I probably will never understand. Could you imagine Wall Street just shutting things down for an hour while all the Brooks Brother clad men make pallets and the women kick off their heels. That will be the day. Until then, listen to these three songs, and maybe find a quiet little nook in your office to tuck away for a bit. xo.


Look of the Week : Beach day.

Well it is starting to warm up in this part of the world... and not just in California... I know for a fact that people are pulling their bathing suits out from storage in many states :)

I have now become a beach-goer. Which, is new for me. I used to not like it because of the smell of seaweed, dirty seagulls trying to steal from me, and coming home with sand stuck to me... falling in my car and house. I know, I know... such a negative Nancy. But, I have changed! I now am so fully prepared when i go to the beach and I love it so much! There are definitely some essentials to have, so I thought I would share them with you just in case you ever want to come visit me out on the West Coast. Hope you enjoy!

Sun hat : JCrew
Cover up : Calypso
Swimsuit : Anthropologie
Bag : Nixon
Sunscreen : Kiehl's
Beach game : Smashball


Weekend wrap up : New changes.

Hello and welcome to Monday! How was your weekend?

I hope you have noticed that changes are happening on this blog! We finally have ads up, this is something husband has been urging me to do for quite some time and I have resisted. I guess I felt a little small cheese to be trying to compete in this big blog world. Either way, I am giving it a go and I am super excited about it. Throughout the next few months I will be doing advertiser spotlights here and there so you can get to know more about all of these great people!

Now, if you would like more information about this little blog and how to advertise on it (or if you just want to chat) you can email me at : shelandstone@gmail.com

Stone and I also had a big new change this weekend, totally unrelated to the blog, that we are pretty pumped about. Stone is now the proud owner of a classic (meaning OLD) BMW convertible. We have been a one car family for almost a year now and he is so excited to have a new little project to tinker with and of course cruise around Encinitas in. I have to say, it is the perfect little California car... now I just need to figure out a way to ride in it without my hair becoming a tangly mess of dreads :)

I have told you about Stone's car "thing", haven't I? Perhaps I will save this for another time... or better yet, maybe I will have him post and tell you..!



Have a celebratory weekend!

Good morning and happy Friday!

This week marked my little blog's one year anniversary... Hooray! I have to say I cannot believe I have stuck with it this long. Originally my blog was just a creative outlet for me to focus on after work when husband was busy editing photos. Also, it has been a great way of keeping our family and friends updated on our lives and our traveling.

Mostly, I have become invested in this blog because I love it and it has been so fun for me to read comments and emails from you letting me know that you love it too. I hope you have noticed by now, but this is not a blog that is written to divulge the inner-workings of my soul... not at all... it is simply to enjoy, find inspiration (for your closet and home that is...) and maybe learn some new craft and cooking tricks here and there. I guess that has been my biggest battle with the blog is people reading it and not taking it for face value, but assuming that what I write about is all there is to me. I always tell Stone that I rarely will go to a movie or read a book that is not completely light-hearted, comical, and easy. My reasoning is that books and movies are supposed to be an escape, it should be purely enjoyment. And I hope that is what my blog has been for you... something you can go to and enjoy while leaving the stresses of your day behind.

All this to say, I am pumped to be marking my first year doing this and cannot wait for many more years to come.

In honor of my blogiversary I am going to start a couple of new things. FIRST I will be starting to take on advertisers. On Monday I am going to be putting up a few ads and giving more information to those who might be interested! SECOND (and way more exciting) this little blog is going to start doing giveaways! Three cheers! Who does not like a free little treat now and again? So please be on the lookout for those as well.

So, again, happy Friday! Thank you SO VERY much for reading and wanting to be a part of the happenings here at In A Nutshell. It means so much to both me and Stone! You all are the best... go get 'em today.

As always, here are some links to love. xo.

Some adorable twin babies discussing the recent escape of a cobra from the Bronx zoo!

Gwyn's ultimate closet necessities.

Our good friend is on the cover and inside of Rue magazine! Congratulations Billy!

Speaking to my heart... the perfect cheese plate.

Want it. Need it. Really would love to own it.

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