It's Friday, Friday, Friday...

Okay, so by now there is no way you have not seen this video. Completely obnoxious, but it was stuck in my head for two days after I saw it. In fact, I don't even want to link to it because it is that bad. Jimmy Fallon and crew (including the hilarious Stephen Colbert) did a re-make that I think is pretty awesome!

I truly thought this day would never come! But, it always does.

So, do you have any magnificent plans for the weekend? Stone and I have a few dinner dates with friends, which we always love :) We also are planning on going to see this movie! I cannot wait, supposedly if it does well in box offices this weekend in California, then it will be able to open in more theaters nationwide. So, if you are here, go see it because I hear it is pretty incredible.

On Sunday, we have a photo shoot (praying for no rain!) and are celebrating my good friend Lacey's birthday! This is definitely one of those weekends, when my body really wants me to stay home and veg out, but alas we have filled it up with plans, which will undoubtedly be way more fun than staying at home :)

So happy Friday everyone, here are some links to love! xo.

JCrew Factory is online again this weekend... I already made a cart!

5 favorite french presses! Seriously, if you are still using a coffee maker you need to convert... today.

Kate Spade's first bike. Designed for tootling around town :)

Top ten buildings by female architects. My sister is an architect, and she will for sure be listed here one day!

Trip to Holland, anyone? How incredible are these tulip fields?!

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Stone said...

The crazy part is Stephen Colbert sounds so much better than the actual girl. Awesome.

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