Inspiration board : Finding your green thumb.

Good morning!

In the spirit of the season I thought it would be fun to gather some of my favorite outdoor/gardening items to find some inspiration from. Stone and I are always pretending we have a green thumb when really we are just good at killing our plants. I have secretly even tried talking to our plants... urging them to flourish... no such luck. So far this season we have only killed one of our potted plants and I blame it on the heavy rain we had the week after we planted. Secret to my green thumb? Always blame the dead plants on something or someone else :) On a positive note though, our herbs and succulents are thriving, hooray!

Hope you find some inspiration for your garden however small or big it may be. xo.

1 : Watering your plants. This is the key to keeping them alive! The trick is learning how to not to over water or under water. If you have any suggestions for this, I am all ears!

2 : It is never a bad thing to educate yourself on the best types of plants for your specific climate and how to care for them. So for best results, always read before planting!

3 : We usually just grab a pair of scissors from our desk drawer, but I am sure if you had some legit gardening shears like these your garden would be way more successful. It is all about the tools :)

4 : I am IN LOVE with this outdoor table and chair set. One of my favorite things is hosting dinner parties, and since we have been living in California those parties tend to be outside rather than in. This set would seat so many people and look beautiful doing it!

5 : You can never have too many herbs, fruits and, vegetables growing!

6 : Stone is constantly following me around the house sweeping up dirt from my shoes or hair that I always seem to be shedding. So without one of these, he would have his work cut out for him! I love the colors too!

7 : We still have our white twinkle lights out on our porch from Christmas. I like them, but wish I had some like these that are a little less holiday-looking and more aesthetic!

8 : If you are planning on planting herbs, fruits, and vegetables in your garden it is always a good idea to label which is which. Then you are aware of how to care for each individually!

9 : This vintage pushcart would be a beautiful display for pots and garden tools. If only we had a a big backyard to put it in.

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