Look of the Week(end) : Going to the chapel.

So whether you are the bride to be, or you are trying to find room on your already crammed fridge for yet another wedding invitation... either way wedding season is in full bloom! With the upcoming royal wedding it seems to be the talk across the globe... what to wear? While, I don't necessarily suggest these dresses for Kate Middleton's wedding (I so wish we wore fancy hats to weddings in America), I do think that they are some great options for those less royal weddings in our datebook. Or if you are the bride (congratulations!) you are probably in the market for shower and rehearsal dresses and you have come to the right spot. Throughout this season I will be collaging dresses here and there as I see them, and today from the looks of it I was in a pink/sparkly mood!

Now for the real question... who of you will be waking up in the middle of the night (CNN 4AM ET Friday) to watch the royal nuptials on TV? I sooo wish I could... and I would if only I had cable...

To catch up on all of Kate and Will's happenings go here, to see past royal wedding gowns go here, and to plan your trip to London to join in on the festivities go here!

As if you were reading a book....

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