She + He = We : Take me out to the ball game.

Okay so now we really are true Californians... we have two cruiser bikes, crazy blonde hair, live by the ocean, bought an old convertible and have been to our very FIRST Padres game. Woohoo! Last week Stone and I met our friends Chris and Laura at the train station and headed down to PETCO park. Did you know there was a passenger train in San Diego? Well, there are two. One will take you all the way up the coast and the other gets you basically from south San Diego up to Oceanside. Pretty convenient and fun. We were in such a rush to make the boarding that we forgot to get tickets (stowaways!) and had to pay up later. Ooops.

Back to the game! It was just everything a baseball game should be... complete with peanuts, sunflower seeds, and hot dogs! We left after the 9th inning because we were still tied and did not know how long it would last. Turns out the Cincinnati Reds took home the win, by 6 runs! Yikes. Glad we did not stay for that one.

Cannot wait until my next game :) xo.


Brady said...

If you ever turn into a Padres fan.......

Shel + Stone said...

I'm not... I am Rangers through and through ;)

David Housholder Photography said...

Shelby and Stone,

You two are totally living the life I wish I was living, could it get any better! You live right by the ocean and you both are amazing at photography. You two are awesome!

Shel + Stone said...

Thanks David! You are too sweet. We so appreciate your kind words and encouragement :)

Kimberly Nicholson said...

Hey sweet pea - finally got a chance to check out your blog - very impressive. You are quite creative and dare I say "marketable". You two are cute, talented, fun, funny and smart. Who wouldn't want to be YOU!!!??!!

Big hug to Lacey when you see her - and are you cooking? What are you cooking - you know you are in a foodie paradise out there.

xoxoxo - kimberly

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