She + He = We : Cruisin' Coronado.

Last weekend we spent a day as tourists in our own city. With Kelsey and Buck (Stone's sister and her husband) in town we knew we wanted to take them somewhere fun, but not spend an arm and a leg (SO Seaworld, Disney, and the zoo were all out!). Stone and I had been to Coronado Island, but never really spent much time exploring and we thought it would be the perfect thing! We spend the day walking on the beach, eating delicious burgers, and touring the island via tandem cruiser bikes. Probably one of our favorite California days so far. It was a mixture of our company, the beautiful weather and the scenery (of course!).

One thing I am so excited about is that Stone and I have gotten a ton better about carrying our camera around with us. We have about a million iPhone photos, but let's be honest, who ever actually prints those out? So, I am excited about actually having some documentation of our lives... our first two years of marriage may as well not have happened because we have zero pictures to prove it :)

I hope you enjoy the pics, and maybe put Coronado Island on your bucket list... it will be worth it!



Decorate your living room with this PATTERNED side table and add a POP with a colorful and funky pendant lamp!


Guest Blogger : Stone (the husband)

Hello everyone. Stone here ... again. So sorry about that. Shel once again had to run out so I feel like I should fill in the gap. I sat for a while this morning thinking of what I could post up here. You see, handbags, outfits, baking, and decorating are not really my things ... totally Shel's domain. SO I figured I would write about what I know, and what has been on my mind a bunch lately.

Shel got me this book awhile back and I always find myself pulling it off the shelf and thumbing through the already well thumbed pages. I feel each time I bring my eyes onto one of Leroy Grannis' images I discover something new. When we moved out here to Encinitas (one of the best surf towns in the good ol' USA) I was chomping at the bit to trade in my skis for a surfboard. I was quickly out in the water and what I discovered was so much more than sunshine and waves, but rather a tight knit community and relaxed lifestyle. Out in the water everything felt textual and photographic. Every part of me was aching at the fact that I couldn't bring my camera out with me. So in the meantime and spare time (while I save up for this) I have started shooting from land. My goal is to show the honest simplicity of the sport and the lifestyle. Below are few images I have made as I attempt to step into the surf photography realm. AND below mine are some sweet examples of the amazing work done my the late, great Leroy Grannis. I hope you enjoy.

Now for the real pro. Here are a few images shot by the great Leroy Grannis ...

Here is Leroy himself ...

This final image of Leroy was shot by Tim Mantoani in a retirement home just north of us in Carlsbad, CA. Leroy is holding one of his favorite images featuring the the famous Dewey Weber. Leroy passed away this year, he was 94.


Inspiration board : It's in the bag.

Alright ladies, it is time for a little Spring cleaning... and that includes our bags. Do you ever feel a bit like Mary Poppins? Like you just have your whole life in a bag, it might take you a while to find the specific thing you are looking for, but there is no doubt that it is in there. Or the best is in the movie One Fine Day when Michelle Pfeiffer magically produces two super hero costumes from materials found in her purse. Hilarious! And so true.

I am the queen of losing items in my bag... and even worse is that I employ my husband to help me find what I am looking for (so he is all too aware of the crazy mess). Inevitably it is in some black hole found deep in the corners of my oversized Marc Jacobs purse. Ooops. The worst was the one time the item I had lost was my wedding ring, we searched everywhere, and for some reason, unbeknownst to me, it was in the front pocket of my purse?! Anyway, because these incidents are happening more frequently than I would like, I am making a serious effort to organize and de-clutter. I hope you find it inspiring for you too :) This could be the start of a revolution... maybe...

1 : Love this bag... could it get any bigger? I have one similar in black and it is my 'go to'. The color is nice also because it is almost a grey, meaning you can wear it with just about anything!

2 : These wallets are the best! They have the perfect little compartments and the prettiest lining inside the coin purse part. I thought the pink was fun for Spring!

3 : Remember this? Fruit Stripe gum, the flavor only lasts for about a minute, but it is a fun treat to carry around :)

4 : Done and done... as soon as I saw this phone cover, I had to have it... and I could really care less about what my phone is dressed in, but this was just too fun.

5 : I always have some Kiehl's hand lotion in my bag, it is the best for cold dry weather. A necessity when I was living in Colorado. If you have not tried it I swear by this stuff...

6 : My mom always carried vaseline with her, and what do you know... so do I. I use it on my lips, cuticles and to remove eye make up. Need more reason to carry it with you? Here are 50!

7 : Sometimes I will bring along my make-up if I know I am going to be gone all day and will need to 'put on my face' before a special dinner or something. HA! So I keep all my make up in this little bag, then I can easily just toss it in my purse if I need.

8 : Having our own small business I have learned to always carry around our business cards. You never know who you might bump into!

9 : Like a spa treatment... for your lips!

10: I am slowly... VERY SLOWLY trying to grow out my bangs. Such a pain, but I am becoming super creative with bobby pins and these are too cute.


Tuesday tunes : A bicycle made for two.

Stone's sister and brother-in-law (Kelsey & Buck) shot a short little video of us while we were biking around Coronado island this past weekend. Have you ever rode on a tandem bike? It is harder than I thought to synchronize your pedal motion. Especially if your husband is the one dictating how fast or slow you need to pedal...

This song is "Joggin' Gorgeous Summer' by Islands. Enjoy! xo.


Look of the week : Yard game chic.

One of our favorite things to do in the Springtime is get together with friends, cook out, and play yard games. I was introduced to Bocce ball just a couple of years ago and have to say that I have some pretty impressive skills :) Have you ever played? I think this is the perfect outfit for this kind of day, I find myself reaching for button up shirts lately as a alternative to just a cotton t-shirt and I think the look is a bit more grown up. I hope you enjoy, and if you have never played yard games you should plan a party this April with friends and try them out, it is bound to be a success! xo.

Top - BCBG
Shorts - Anthropologie
Watch - La Mer
Shoes - Madewell
Game - Bocce Ball

Weekend wrap up : Family visits.

Hello, hello! How was your weekend?

Stone and I just had so much fun with his sister and brother-in-law here. It was definitely like a Spring Break vacation for us too! We had a couple beach days, cooked out, rode bikes, ate frozen yogurt whenever we had the chance, and did a little shopping. I found a great deal at Anthropologie on some wide-leg jeans and I am so excited to try out the look... so different than the skinny jeans I am used to wearing.

This part of moving away from Colorado has definitely been the hardest for us. When we lived in Boulder we would barely go a day without seeing a member of Stone's family, and we loved that. As newly weds it was so important for us to have some family close to support us. Either way we have almost had his entire family come out here, which has been special for us. We love showing them around our new home and getting to spend quality time with them. There will be more pictures of this visit to come so stay tuned!

Have a wonderful start to your week!

Buck + Kelsey


Have a rockin' weekend.

Hello lovies! What a wonderful Friday it has been... Stone and I are filling up our vacancy at our home hotel this weekend with Stone's sister her husband. We are so, SO happy to have them here and have already done so many fun things. I am telling you, Stone and I are beginning to excel at this whole host and hostess thing. We spent yesterday on Coronado island playing on the beach, riding tandem cruiser bikes, and eating some incredible burgers! Tomorrow will definitely be a beach day, we just bought a few beach games and are pumped to give them a whirl :)

By the way, this photo was taken last weekend in Santa Barbara. We photographed the rehearsal dinner, complete with horse back rides for the guests and this little girl was only 3 and so fearless! I love that... when I was her age there is no way I would be so eager to get on a huge animal!

As always, here are some links to love. xo.

Is it local? Portlandia. SO funny.

Get shopping... JCrew factory is open for the weekend!

Just a couple dogs dining, totally normal.

Some inspirational 'Before & After' home makeovers.

Some delicious risotto ideas... the butternut squash sounds delectable!


She + He = We : Spring fever.

Stone and I spent last weekend gardening like crazy. This is one of our favorite things to do... pretend we have green thumbs and pray like heck that the plants make it through the summer. They usually do not, but I have hope for this group. We bought a ton of succulents, which are 'drought tolerant'... so we can't really kill them right? My plan is to let nature water and feed it and I will just enjoy it.

In our attempt to really become Californians, we also planted a bunch of herbs. Rosemary for meat and potatoes, mint for tea and lemonade, also some basil for pesto of course! Do you garden? If you need any tips, I am not the girl to ask, but if you want to share your tips with me then I am all ears! xo.


Dress your bed with this PATTERNED bedspread and add a POP of color with a fun throw pillow... don't you just love throw pillows?


Food to Love : Blackbottom cupcakes

My sister and her husband, Preston, recently lived in South Carolina for two years while she was in grad school for healthcare architecture. We miss them so much, and are always trying to convince them to move near us so we can hang with them every day. Well, while they were in South Carolina, for some diversion from studying, she would pick new recipes to try and put together some photos to send to all of her family and friends that were states away. I thought I would share this one, it is tried and true. When I was little I would request blackbottom cupcakes for all of my birthdays, and after you try them I am sure you will too. Enjoy!

Blackbottom Cupcakes

1 8oz. package of cream cheese
1/2 cup sugar
1 egg beaten
1/8 teaspoon salt
1 6oz. package of chocolate chips
1 1/2 cup flour
1 cup sugar
1/4 cup cocoa
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
a cup water
1/3 cup vegetable pil
1 tablespoon vinegar
1 teaspoon vanilla

Preheat oven to 350

Combine cream cheese, sugar, egg, and salt. Then stir in chocolate chips and set aside. Next, sift the flour, sugar, cocoa, baking soda, and salt together. Add water, oil, vinegar and vanilla. Spray muffin pans and fill them 1/3 full of cocoa batter. Top with 1 tablespoon of cream cheese mixture then bake for 20 minutes. Take out of the oven and indulge... maybe even have two :)



Inspiration board : Color me happy.

Spring equals perfection for me. I love everything about this season!

First of all it is finally starting to warm up and people are slowly coming out of hibernation. This is the best time of the year for being outside gardening, picnicking, riding bikes, flying kites, skiing (okay before you jump all over me on this one, I am speaking in terms of not freezing, which is preferable for me), reading on your porch, and getting some sun on your skin. To me Spring is all about color! When we lived in Colorado, there are 5 months of being bundled up in big black puffy coats, boots, gloves, and hats.The only thing visible on a person is there eyes peaking through. Everything is grey, black and white from the ground, to the dead trees, and up to the sky. So, at the first signs of this beloved season, the layers would start to come off and finally things were colorful again. So, my inspiration board is a small ode to Spring and I hope you love it as much as I do and find some inspiration from it...

1 : Love the pink, the silk, the ruffles... love it all. Such a great top to dress up or down! Silk is slowly starting to find it's way into my wardrobe, and while dry cleaning is no fun, this fabric makes me feel a little more grown up and I like that!

2 : I am slowly (very, very slowly) trying to grow out my bangs. It seems the rest of my hair will grow like a weed, except for this chunk right up front that I actually want to be growing. Either way, bobby pins are a must for me and I am liking these grosgrain ribbon pins!

3 : I love mobiles. I'm afraid when we have kids their ceilings are going to be packed full of them... oh well, there are worse things that parents do to their childs' rooms.

4 : Just got a pedicure for the first time in about 6 months and oh did it feel good! There is nothing like a good soak, scrub and polish... right?

5 : This clock is pretty awesome. Except for the price tag, of course. I have never seen anything like it, if anyone knows of a less expensive reproduction let me know :)

6 : Oreos are my mother-in-law's favorite cookie. These homemade one's look pretty incredible, I will have to make them for her sometime...

7 : I always have this plan of changing out pillows in our living room with the seasons. Like many of my plans, they never actually happen... but, wouldn't these be perfect for Spring?

8 : She & Him... they are just the best.

9 : Yet another hair style from A Cup of Jo to try out. My face might be too round for this one, but I will give it a shot and see how it goes :)


Tuesday tunes : Flipped.

Last week Stone and I took a chance on a movie that we had never heard anything about. When we first got Netflix, we rented out so many random movies just to try, and after about four flops in a row we went back to popular feature films.

Anyway, have you seen Flipped? It has a My Girl feel to it, and even though the acting was nothing to write home about (especially the boys' dad... terrible), we both enjoyed the feel-good storyline. I especially loved the time period of the movie... great music. It is funny, I am not sure how, but I know all the words to these songs. They are definitely classics and I hope you enjoy this little jump back in time as much as I do! Also, I hope you get a chance to see the movie, just don't go into it with crazy high cinematic expectations... deal? deal.



Look of the week : Lace and leather.

These are the two top things on my closet wish list right now. Lace and leather.

Spring is getting near and I definitely have the fever to shop. When Stone and I first got married he was so confused why all of the sudden when April came around I could not stop filling up online shopping bags and creating wish lists of clothes! Finally he asked me what was going on and I had to explain to him that for some reason when girls start feeling the warmth of Spring and seeing the bright colors and fun patterns in the stores we just could not help ourselves. It is this season that gets all girls in trouble, so guys if you are reading this, just know it only happens once a year so you can rest in that fact :)

Hope you enjoy this outfit, I am dreaming of owning all of these pieces. Love them all!

Earrings : Forever 21
Top : Topshop
Jacket : BESS
Jeans : Topshop
Shopping : Bloomingdales
Shoes : JCrew

Weekend wrap up : Like rain on your wedding day.

Stone and I headed up to Santa Barbara this weekend to shoot a beautiful ranch wedding. We had an incredible time and felt so thankful to be a part of their big day. It was also fun for us to drive up the coast and see a bit more of this big state we live in. Some parts are beautiful (Ventura) and some are not so pretty (LA). The only part about our weekend that we were not too happy about was the crazy downpour (cats and dogs) on our drive home... we had to stop in Ventura for a bit just to get some reprieve from it.

Luckily, Stone and I found ourselves in a really tasty fish taco shop. So delicious! And the place happened to be right down the street from the very first Patagonia ever... so, of course we made our way there as well. The rest of the day we white-knuckled it all the way back to Encinitas, a total of 6 hours! Probably one of the scariest drives of our life. Take it from me, you never want to be driving through downtown LA with zero visibility. Either way, we are home safe and cannot wait to get started on the photos from this weekend!

Happy Monday everyone, go get 'em this week :) xo.


Have a wonderful weekend.

Good morning. Grab a cup of coffee, take a deep breath, you did it... you made it to Friday.

Wasn't so bad.

Stone and I are on the road all day, but I will try and get some links to love up here at some point. Until then... hop on your desk and do a little dance to this. You know you want to.


HERE THEY ARE... your links to love for this weekend!

Pictoral recipes that actually teach you how to cook!

An incredible story and absolutely beautiful home... I thought I was going to just skim it and then got wrapped up in the story!

Have you seen the trailer yet for this movie? I have to say, it looks pretty funny, but I am also not known for my amazing movie taste.

Eames walnut stools. Probably not the most comfortable, but they sure do look good!

Yummo. Yup, I said it.

Alright, that is it for me, if you did not already, go HERE and see our latest engagement shoot.


She + He = We : Spring breakers.

I miss a lot of things about being in college. I miss going to class (which, let's be honest, looking back I probably could have been a little better at), learning new things, intellectual discussions, sleeping in, staying up late, and above all I miss the excuse to go on vacations with my friends. So, I feel I need to give a thanks to all of my past Spring Breaks. Oh, how I loved you so. Each and every one of you in college, from New York City, to northern Michigan, to the crowded Florida beaches. All of you were unique in your own ways. And, every once in a while, I find myself dreaming of becoming a teacher just so I can experience you once more.

But, then I quickly remember that I live on a beach in California and am so very lucky to be having all my teacher friends flying to my house to spend their coveted week off of work.

Jenna came this past week and I have to say, I forgot all about my own work and pretended I was on my very own Spring Break. We spent a couple of days at the beach, got pedicures, did not set our morning alarm, and enjoyed every second!

Jenna flew home this morning, and I snapped back into reality. Hummphh. We did spend our last night on a nice beach walk... thank you sweet husband for taking some pics of us.

Does she not look like a music and art teacher? I mean look at that face...


Add some PATTERN to your life with a fun iPad case and then of course you will need a little POP of awesomeness with the newly released iPad 2 to go inside.


That's a wrap : Brettan + Justin.

Right off the bat, Stone and I had a connection to this awesome couple! Brettan and Justin have dated long distance their entire relationship and are enduring the pains (that we know all too well) of being in two different states while engaged. Not fun, but it definitely made for an incredibly beautiful, romantic and authentic engagement shoot for the two of them. Justin had just flown in and they had not seen each other in a while, and from these photos you can tell the two of them are so in love and happy to be together.

We could not have asked for a more beautiful Southern California setting. Hope you enjoy the photos! Definitely go here to check out some more photos from this shoot. Also, for some great wedding inspiration check out Brettan's website!



Inspiration board : World traveler.

My friend Jenna is in town on her Spring Break and we have been having the best time! The girl is an expert when it comes to traveling. While living in Germany for a year she spent time exploring all of Europe, so, I asked her to share some of her top travel necessities with us. Stone and I need the tips... this past Christmas we traveled to two states with 6 (yes SIX) carry on bags. Let's just say along with my aching shoulders from carrying the load through the airports, I got reprimanded by the flight attendant more than once on that vacation and will never do that again. So, let me introduce you to my friend, Jenna...

Here are some travel must haves for your next adventure.

1. This Cath Kidston tote (or really any Cath Kidston bag) is the best! Its made of oil cloth and is very sturdy. Until about a month ago, her stuff was sold exclusively in Europe. Its all so feminine and presh. You will love it, and you will feel British.

2. This luggage looks awesome... very girly, very vintage.

3. If you have ever traveled with me or know me well at all, you know that I L-O-V-E sleeping. I will do anything to get some zzz's, including humiliate myself on planes/trains/automobiles by wearing sleep masks (and earplugs). I might as well go all out by wearing this fun sleep mask. Plus, I love owls. Hootie Hoo!

4. Passports are boring and all the same. You should spice yours up with a passport cover. Its fun to get weird looks in the customs line.

5. This looks like a book, but its not. Its a pinhole camera!

6. Public transit can be tricky. Its better to study up than to look like a tourist.

7. I love that this laptop case has a strap! It could really speed things up in the security line to not have to take your lap top out of your carry on. I hate being "that girl" that holds up the line.

9. You should always have a journal to record your travels. Write down where you went in which city, where you ate, who you met, etc. Then, you can reread it later and relive your adventures.

Tuesday tunes : Into my heart.

Here is some feel good music for your Tuesday. I hope you love it as much as I do, I have been listening to it on repeat and can't get enough. We are headed to karaoke tonight, so I need a little tune up... as I DO plan on singing. My roommates in college and I used to give music performances at our parties. Our top songs that we performed were 'Lipgloss' and 'Stilettos' if you don't know these songs, you should... life changing, really.

:) xo.


Look of the Week: Picnic in the park.

We are getting glimpses of Spring now, which makes me so excited for bright colors and sundresses. The best. So, this week I decided to put together a look for a picnic at the park. Do you like to picnic? Picnics are the best, minus the bugs and the birds trying to snatch up your food.

On another note, I am making a vow to try and start wearing wedges more often. They are just as comfortable as flats, but make me feel like a woman :) Hope you enjoy the look as much as I do, and maybe try it out for your own picnic!

Sunglasses - Moscot
Cardigan - Crumpet
Dress - Cacharel
Pita Chips - Trader Joe's
Hummus - Baba Foods
Wine - Kunde

P.S. Stone and I went to the Kunde winery in Sonoma Valley this past Summer and it was incredible. The wine is great too, but I am no connoisseur. So beautiful, it should be on your bucket list.

Weekend wrap up : Photos, friends, and flowers .

Welcome to Monday!

So, we lost an hour of sleep this weekend, BUT it was so great last night to have the sun in the sky at 7! I would lose sleep any day if that was the reward. I love being able t do things outside in the daylight after work. Stone and I decided it was time to plant on our porch so we headed to the Home Depot and went a little crazy. Home Depot kinda makes you do that thought! Especially with all of the crazy flowers, plants, and trees that California has to offer. So many of them I had never heard of before. We decided to go for some succulents, herbs, and perennials. It is hard to think that in Colorado.

On Sunday we had a great photo shoot up north, and again, I cannot WAIT to share the photos with you :) Then the best surprise of all... my friend Jenna came to visit for here Spring Break. We thought her flight was going to be delayed, but thanks to a couple guys with a criminal record, a spot opened up for her on a flight and she was able to make it last night! So we are off to the beach today :) Don't be jeal.



Have a fun weekend.

Stone and I woke up to 3 different text messages today...

"You are aware of a tsunami hitting the west coast of US right?"

"Praying for you both"


"Tsunami... want to go ride that thing?"

Needless to say we jumped out of bed and ran to our computer to see what was up. Absolutely devastating what happened in Japan. Did you watch the live coverage of it? I have never seen a tsunami in action before and it is absolutely terrifying. Hopefully I never actually see one live. I just keep wondering what happens to all of the people now stranded on top of buildings and homes? Either way I will be praying for all of them.

What are your plans this weekend? Stone and I have turned our home into a hotel temporarily for all those who are so blessed to have a Spring Break! It is fun for us, and we cannot even wait for all of our visitors! I actually have to head out the door, so Stone is going to share some of his favorite links from the week. Hope you enjoy! xo.

... Boom!
Stone here. Shel had to run before wrapping up some weekend links, so I'm here to fill in.

I love this. Go digital without giving up the look and feel of pencil and paper.

I'm going to keep posting stuff about this sweet ride until it's parked in our driveway (30 yrs. from now)

Every dude should have a bad-to-the-bone axe right?

Well ain't that a fine howdy do? No matter how may times I watch this it's still hilarious.

Kind of a cowboy shower? Pretty cool though.

Breathtaking, tragic, amazing, beautiful. Go check out the World Press Photo winners

Men ... Don't miss the moment to be heroic. Here is training to chase down a purse snatcher

Summer is on the way and I definitely want a pair of these retro board shorts

Can I get it, can I get it, can I get it!?

Alright. That's all I've got. Stone signing out.

Have a great weekend!



It is time to start planting! Decorate your patio with these PATTERNED giraffe planters and then add a POP of color to them by planting some beautiful succulents!

Food to Love : Grilled Pizza

Ever since I wrote this post, I have had a few people ask me how exactly to grill pizza. And, even if you did not ask me you are going to want to know this because it is just that good! Stone and I have found ourselves making this meal at least once a week it is so easy, you can play around with toppings, there is enough for friends to come over and share, and usually you will have left overs for lunch. All good things. One of our favorite toppings that we have tried so far was on Christmas Eve in Colorado when we attempted three pizzas and on one of them put butternut squash, spinach, goat cheese and proscuitto. Sounds a little strange, but turned out to be a favorite of the family.

I really hope you try this out, and tell me how it goes! You won't be disappointed.

Grilled Pizza

Get your grill going at about medium heat.

Take your pizza dough, either bought or homemade, (we get ours from Whole Foods and it is the best!) and work it out until it is evenly thin and in somewhat of a rounded shape. Generously pour olive oil on the top side of the dough and then carefully flip the dough onto the grill with the oiled side down. Let sit on grill for about 5 minutes until it begins to bubble. Remove the dough from grill and you should have one nicely grilled side done. Add the toppings to that grilled side then put the pizza back onto the grill, this time grilling the opposite side. When the cheese melts you are done!


Feeling Crafty : Frame of love letters.

Stone and I dated long distance for 3 years before we got married. Three years! That seems crazy, and this was back when it was totally creepy to be video chatting with someone, even if it was just your boyfriend. So we talked, wrote letters, sent packages, and flew to see each other whenever our school schedule and bank accounts would allow it. Now, we have an entire shoebox full of letters and emails we wrote to each other and it is kind of sweet to look back and see the things we talked about... especially when we were first getting to know each other. Our emails back then were full of the 'get to know you' questions like... 'What is your favorite breakfast food' or 'Have you ever broken any bones' (granola and no... in case you were wondering).

So when we got married and were decorating our first place together, we ended up using the cards to create a collage of sorts above our bed. We chose just some of our favorite ones and I have to say I think it turned out pretty great. Also, with the white matting and frame to help balance the pattern and color inside. Two and a half years later and I still love it, and that says a lot for someone who is constantly wanting to change up things in the house :)



Inspiration board : Mad Men.

Stone and I are a bit addicted.

At this point (we are still mid-season 2) I am not sure why we are addicted yet. After each episode I am so bothered by all of them men on this show and their ways. Yet, the other night we watched three episodes in a row... so it is now an full blown addiction. The characters, the storyline and the clothes keep me coming back. How fun would it be to be a style designer on this set? It seems almost everything from this period is coming back full circle with the red lips, beehive hair, skinny ties, sleek furniture and vintage glasses. I love it all. If you have not started watching you should get going, trust me.

Below are links to some Mad Men style for you to love and here is a look into the ad agencies of today. Enjoy!

1 : Herman Miller sofa. I pretty much want everything in this beautiful furniture store. Stone and I will take little trips here just to poke around, sit in chairs and pretend that maybe one day we would only be so fortunate!

2 : Last summer we took a trip to San Francisco and wandered into this little hat shop with the most fun handmade hats. Since then I have spotted people all over wearing hats with their famous brand. So classic!

3 : Skinny ties... you have to love a man in a skinny tie, right? These ties are even more spectacular because they are made from recycled cassette tapes, for your music loving man. So green of them.

4 : I think that this lamp is pretty great. Great for decor purposes AND if you want to interrogate someone of course :)

5 : So classic, very Joan Holloway.

6 : Do you like thrifting? There were some pretty great consignment furniture stores in Boulder and Stone and I were lucky enough to find a vintage typewriter at one for $30. It now decorates our bookshelf! Here is one similar, maybe even cooler I have to admit.

7 : Retro glasses for the men.

8 : Retro glasses for the women.

9 : I have found that this is a new trend in a lot of my friends' homes... free standing wet bars. We are not really liquor drinkers, but they look so classy we may just have to get one anyway:)

Oh, and the photo of some of our Mad Men favs was found here! xo.

Tuesday tunes : Sparks.

I'm sharing these two musicians with you (I know you have most likely heard of Adele) because I cannot stop listening to them. Jesse Woods went to the same college as I did, he was a few years older, but not too old for all of my friends to know of him and his incredible voice. Right? It is pretty great. He has a bit of a Ryan Adams sound to him, you can go here to listen to more of his music.

Also, a friend of mine gave me a copy of Adele's new cd and I have been blaring her songs in my car and singing at the top of my lungs. Yes, it is that kind of music.

Hope you enjoy! xo.


Look of the Week: From day to night.

Again with the stripes... I know :) Just let me know if I am over doing them and need to incorporate more patterns in my look!

Stone and I have been so lucky to have made some incredible friends out here in San Diego. With that, our date books have seen more ink than ever before, which we love. So my look this week can take you from a work day into a dinner with friends! Are you allowed to wear jeans at work? Coming from a family of creatives and having married one, wearing jeans to work is completely acceptable. But, I am well aware that all of you accountants and lawyers may not be so fortunate. Hopefully you are allowed to jazz up (yes, I just said that) your workday look a bit in some ways. You could even slip on a pair of black skinny pants from JCrew instead of the jeans! Hope you like it.

Necklace - Calypso
Blazer - Juicy
Top - Madewell
Jeans - Topshop
Bag - Zara

Weekend wrap up : Picture perfect.

Happy Monday lovies.

How was your weekend? Stone and I are on a bit of a high after this weekend because we had what we think is one of the best photo shoots thus far. The location was epic, and there is no other word I can use to describe it. Huge red rock cliffs, the ocean, marshy tide pools and rolling green hills. Crazy, right? Sometimes I have to pinch myself to remember I live here, but then I pull into the gas station to fill up and am quickly reminded that you have to pay a bit extra for this beauty (supposedly gas prices are higher in San Diego right now than anywhere else in the country). We also had pretty incredible subjects on this shoot too! They live apart from each other so this was the first time they had been together in a while, which made the photos all the more sweet. I just cannot wait to show them to you!

By the way, I have been trying out the hair styles that I post on my blog here and there (have yet to do the bun atop my head though... a little nervous for that one) and tried this one on Saturday and I just love it! It is so easy and stays put all day, which is nice. Also, at the end of the day when I took it down I had really pretty messy curls! Win, win. You should try it out and let me know how it goes :)

Well here we are at the beginning of another week... go get em! xo.


Have a beautiful weekend.

Photo found here.

Hooray, I am so happy it is Friday!

I have to say this week has been a pretty exhausting one, but the sun is out and our weekend is almost here so I cannot really complain. We are having a few friends over for tacos tonight and then preparing for an engagement shoot on Saturday! Stone and I did some location scouting for this shoot and I have to say we are pretty excited :) It has been fun for us to have an entire new setting to shoot in here in California. We were so thankful of course, to have the mountains and beautiful land in Colorado for our photo shoots, but now it is a whole new ballgame.

In other news... Aren't those flowers gorgeous. I think it is time to start planting here for the Spring. At least that is what I read. We would not have even dreamed of planting yet when we lived in Colorado, because they should still be expecting a few more big snows. On of my favorite thing about living here is the wide variety of plants that can grow easily in this climate. I love walking down the street and seeing lemon, lime, avocado and orange trees! Supposedly of the trees are hanging over the sidewalk you can pick off of those branches, but I have not done that yet... I get too nervous that an alarm will sound or somebody will run out of their house telling me to get my hands off their tree :) So I suppose we will just plant our own. Some sort of citrus and definitely some herbs. I hope you have a fabulous weekend lovies and don't forget to spend some time playing outside!

Here are some links to love.

Speaking of citrus... yummmmmmmmm!

I am in love with these beach photos. And, they are taken by an 18 year old... so impressive.

Another hair style to try, I am just so bad at doing them myself, but I will give this one a go!

I secretly love that there is an entire site dedicated to the Olsen girls :) Oh, how I miss the days of Full House.

I cannot stop reading Matchbook magazine's new Spring issue... a bit obsessed.


That's a wrap : Featured on Green Wedding Shoes.

This morning our anniversary shoot of Courtney and Laren was featured on Green Wedding Shoes! I have always loved this blog, even though I am already married it is addicting to go to and see all of the beautiful weddings and inspiring ideas. Anyway, we are so thrilled to be featured and as always so thankful for your support.

Go HERE to see more of our feature!

And you can see more of our work HERE!



She + He = We : Friday night dinner dates.

Last week we had our good friends Lacey and Patrick over for dinner. We always like hanging out with them because we can just be casual and it is easy. You know what I mean? Having friends that are just easy to be around is the best kind of friend. We made shish-kabobs, which I have found are one of the greatest dishes for a group of people. Whether you are a vegetarian, meat lover, or a seafood enthusiast (that is me) you can create your own unique sticks and be happy with your meal. Another plus is that they are cooked on the grill, which means Lacey and I enjoyed a glass of wine while the guys handled things out on the deck.

We spent about four hours at the dinner table chatting, eating and playing games. That night we chose to play Taboo. I had not played it in a while and it was a blast. Girls v. Boys... and the gals took home the win! Stone and I would much rather share dinner with friends at home than go out. Of course, occasionally it is fun to try out a new restaurant, but we end up having the best conversations when we are relaxed around our dinner table :) Do you agree?


(oh ya, Lacey and I are both working on our close-mouthed smiles... still need some improvement...)

(another thing... we actually ended up polishing off those shish-kabobs, and from that photo you can tell that there was a lot there! yikes...)


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