Tuesday tunes : Flipped.

Last week Stone and I took a chance on a movie that we had never heard anything about. When we first got Netflix, we rented out so many random movies just to try, and after about four flops in a row we went back to popular feature films.

Anyway, have you seen Flipped? It has a My Girl feel to it, and even though the acting was nothing to write home about (especially the boys' dad... terrible), we both enjoyed the feel-good storyline. I especially loved the time period of the movie... great music. It is funny, I am not sure how, but I know all the words to these songs. They are definitely classics and I hope you enjoy this little jump back in time as much as I do! Also, I hope you get a chance to see the movie, just don't go into it with crazy high cinematic expectations... deal? deal.



Michelle said...

Shelby! I love this movie, I think I watched it 3 times over the course of a week! So adorable! Who care about cinematic greatness when something makes you smile inside! xx

Shel + Stone said...

Michelle! I'm glad you love this movie as much as I did... Nothing better than a feel-good junior high romance set in the 50s... Right :)

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