She + He = We : Friday night dinner dates.

Last week we had our good friends Lacey and Patrick over for dinner. We always like hanging out with them because we can just be casual and it is easy. You know what I mean? Having friends that are just easy to be around is the best kind of friend. We made shish-kabobs, which I have found are one of the greatest dishes for a group of people. Whether you are a vegetarian, meat lover, or a seafood enthusiast (that is me) you can create your own unique sticks and be happy with your meal. Another plus is that they are cooked on the grill, which means Lacey and I enjoyed a glass of wine while the guys handled things out on the deck.

We spent about four hours at the dinner table chatting, eating and playing games. That night we chose to play Taboo. I had not played it in a while and it was a blast. Girls v. Boys... and the gals took home the win! Stone and I would much rather share dinner with friends at home than go out. Of course, occasionally it is fun to try out a new restaurant, but we end up having the best conversations when we are relaxed around our dinner table :) Do you agree?


(oh ya, Lacey and I are both working on our close-mouthed smiles... still need some improvement...)

(another thing... we actually ended up polishing off those shish-kabobs, and from that photo you can tell that there was a lot there! yikes...)


kitty said...

i like lace's closed mouth smile. kinda scary. haha.

Anonymous said...

scary? I was thinking of you, Kitty.

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