Have a rockin' weekend.

Hello lovies! What a wonderful Friday it has been... Stone and I are filling up our vacancy at our home hotel this weekend with Stone's sister her husband. We are so, SO happy to have them here and have already done so many fun things. I am telling you, Stone and I are beginning to excel at this whole host and hostess thing. We spent yesterday on Coronado island playing on the beach, riding tandem cruiser bikes, and eating some incredible burgers! Tomorrow will definitely be a beach day, we just bought a few beach games and are pumped to give them a whirl :)

By the way, this photo was taken last weekend in Santa Barbara. We photographed the rehearsal dinner, complete with horse back rides for the guests and this little girl was only 3 and so fearless! I love that... when I was her age there is no way I would be so eager to get on a huge animal!

As always, here are some links to love. xo.

Is it local? Portlandia. SO funny.

Get shopping... JCrew factory is open for the weekend!

Just a couple dogs dining, totally normal.

Some inspirational 'Before & After' home makeovers.

Some delicious risotto ideas... the butternut squash sounds delectable!

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