Inspiration board : Stripe love.

Stripes are slowly taking over my wardrobe.

No, scratch that, they are taking over my entire house and I love it. Stone used to say that if you put a ruffle on anything I would want to buy it, well I think that has changed. Now if I happen to like something and they sell it in a striped pattern I am immediately sold. Maybe that has something to do with the way Stone has taught me to look at things with a photographers eye in series of lines. Either way, I am into them. And for those of you who are thinking 'wearing horizontal stripes is fashion foul number one' well, you are wrong. Have you noticed that all fashion rules are out the window lately? Want to wear white after labor day? Go for it. What about a pair of thin socks with open toe shoes? Well, if JCrew does it, we can do it. You just have to have the confidence to pull it off, and I am positive that you do. I have not gotten into the socks with sandals yet, but, perhaps they are like skinny jeans and I should just ease into them slowly :) xo.

1 : Love everything about this room. From the striped comforter to the wood framed windows. I also think it is pretty sweet that they can write messages on their wall for sweet dreams.

2 : Striped wedges. Yes please! Well, really all wedges, love them all, but if you add some stripes I am sure not going to complain :)

3 : Husband has been making smoothies lately like it is his job, and I am thinking they would be that much tastier with a cute straw. Right?

4 : Natalie Portman, on a cruiser, wearing stripes. I have a photo of myself that is almost exactly this one, but then again I don't look quite like Natalie. She is presh.

5 : Pink and yellow striped pillows. I love the color combo and have been into decorating with pinks lately. Only the good kinds of pink that is.

6 : A wearable rainbow. There is nothing more fun than that dress.

7 : Stripes on stripes. Yes, it can be done and it does look nice.

8 : I saw this photo on Pinterest! Have you explored that site yet? It is pretty incredible, just a flurry of beautiful and inspiring images.

9 : Mark Rothko is one of my dad's favorite artists. He always paints block colors in a series of thick and thin lines. Simple, but beautiful.
Above is my photo similar to the one of Natalie Portman... if only I were riding on the streets of Paris ;)


Caterina said...

Your blog is soo pretty and inspiring!♥

Rick said...

Love that you retained an appreciation for Mark Rothko!

Shel + Stone said...

Thank you so much Caterina! I'm glad you find it inspiring :) xo.

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