Have a beautiful weekend.

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Hooray, I am so happy it is Friday!

I have to say this week has been a pretty exhausting one, but the sun is out and our weekend is almost here so I cannot really complain. We are having a few friends over for tacos tonight and then preparing for an engagement shoot on Saturday! Stone and I did some location scouting for this shoot and I have to say we are pretty excited :) It has been fun for us to have an entire new setting to shoot in here in California. We were so thankful of course, to have the mountains and beautiful land in Colorado for our photo shoots, but now it is a whole new ballgame.

In other news... Aren't those flowers gorgeous. I think it is time to start planting here for the Spring. At least that is what I read. We would not have even dreamed of planting yet when we lived in Colorado, because they should still be expecting a few more big snows. On of my favorite thing about living here is the wide variety of plants that can grow easily in this climate. I love walking down the street and seeing lemon, lime, avocado and orange trees! Supposedly of the trees are hanging over the sidewalk you can pick off of those branches, but I have not done that yet... I get too nervous that an alarm will sound or somebody will run out of their house telling me to get my hands off their tree :) So I suppose we will just plant our own. Some sort of citrus and definitely some herbs. I hope you have a fabulous weekend lovies and don't forget to spend some time playing outside!

Here are some links to love.

Speaking of citrus... yummmmmmmmm!

I am in love with these beach photos. And, they are taken by an 18 year old... so impressive.

Another hair style to try, I am just so bad at doing them myself, but I will give this one a go!

I secretly love that there is an entire site dedicated to the Olsen girls :) Oh, how I miss the days of Full House.

I cannot stop reading Matchbook magazine's new Spring issue... a bit obsessed.


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