Weekend wrap up : Family visits.

Hello, hello! How was your weekend?

Stone and I just had so much fun with his sister and brother-in-law here. It was definitely like a Spring Break vacation for us too! We had a couple beach days, cooked out, rode bikes, ate frozen yogurt whenever we had the chance, and did a little shopping. I found a great deal at Anthropologie on some wide-leg jeans and I am so excited to try out the look... so different than the skinny jeans I am used to wearing.

This part of moving away from Colorado has definitely been the hardest for us. When we lived in Boulder we would barely go a day without seeing a member of Stone's family, and we loved that. As newly weds it was so important for us to have some family close to support us. Either way we have almost had his entire family come out here, which has been special for us. We love showing them around our new home and getting to spend quality time with them. There will be more pictures of this visit to come so stay tuned!

Have a wonderful start to your week!

Buck + Kelsey

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