Look of the Week: From day to night.

Again with the stripes... I know :) Just let me know if I am over doing them and need to incorporate more patterns in my look!

Stone and I have been so lucky to have made some incredible friends out here in San Diego. With that, our date books have seen more ink than ever before, which we love. So my look this week can take you from a work day into a dinner with friends! Are you allowed to wear jeans at work? Coming from a family of creatives and having married one, wearing jeans to work is completely acceptable. But, I am well aware that all of you accountants and lawyers may not be so fortunate. Hopefully you are allowed to jazz up (yes, I just said that) your workday look a bit in some ways. You could even slip on a pair of black skinny pants from JCrew instead of the jeans! Hope you like it.

Necklace - Calypso
Blazer - Juicy
Top - Madewell
Jeans - Topshop
Bag - Zara

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