Tuesday tunes : A bicycle made for two.

Stone's sister and brother-in-law (Kelsey & Buck) shot a short little video of us while we were biking around Coronado island this past weekend. Have you ever rode on a tandem bike? It is harder than I thought to synchronize your pedal motion. Especially if your husband is the one dictating how fast or slow you need to pedal...

This song is "Joggin' Gorgeous Summer' by Islands. Enjoy! xo.


Abby said...

Shel- this is ADORABLE!! I have always wanted to ride a tandem...did they shoot that on their phone/ camera/ or flip cam? Its so cute!

Shel + Stone said...

They shot it on their iPhone with the 8mm app! It is so easy and fun :) now for actually putting the clips together... I have no idea!

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