She + He = We : Cruisin' Coronado.

Last weekend we spent a day as tourists in our own city. With Kelsey and Buck (Stone's sister and her husband) in town we knew we wanted to take them somewhere fun, but not spend an arm and a leg (SO Seaworld, Disney, and the zoo were all out!). Stone and I had been to Coronado Island, but never really spent much time exploring and we thought it would be the perfect thing! We spend the day walking on the beach, eating delicious burgers, and touring the island via tandem cruiser bikes. Probably one of our favorite California days so far. It was a mixture of our company, the beautiful weather and the scenery (of course!).

One thing I am so excited about is that Stone and I have gotten a ton better about carrying our camera around with us. We have about a million iPhone photos, but let's be honest, who ever actually prints those out? So, I am excited about actually having some documentation of our lives... our first two years of marriage may as well not have happened because we have zero pictures to prove it :)

I hope you enjoy the pics, and maybe put Coronado Island on your bucket list... it will be worth it!



Kate said...

It is seriously ridiculous how adorable y'all are. ridiculous. :)

kelsey said...

I miss you guys so much!

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