She + He = We : Spring fever.

Stone and I spent last weekend gardening like crazy. This is one of our favorite things to do... pretend we have green thumbs and pray like heck that the plants make it through the summer. They usually do not, but I have hope for this group. We bought a ton of succulents, which are 'drought tolerant'... so we can't really kill them right? My plan is to let nature water and feed it and I will just enjoy it.

In our attempt to really become Californians, we also planted a bunch of herbs. Rosemary for meat and potatoes, mint for tea and lemonade, also some basil for pesto of course! Do you garden? If you need any tips, I am not the girl to ask, but if you want to share your tips with me then I am all ears! xo.


Kate Aubuchon said...

shelby, i love your blog! you are so creative and have such a fun way of sharing your ideas :) hope you're doing great!!!


[re]becca said...

I love the succulents, where did you go to get them? I don't have a green thumb also so I've come to love hibiscus plants. I've had mine for about 2 years and they never die and i hardly ever water them :/

Shel + Stone said...

Thank you so much Kate! So good to hear from you :)

Shel + Stone said...

Hi [re]becca! The succulents are from Home Depot... great prices and an amazing selection! And thank you so much for the hibiscus tip, anything that lasts 2 years sounds good to me :)

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