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My friend Jenna is in town on her Spring Break and we have been having the best time! The girl is an expert when it comes to traveling. While living in Germany for a year she spent time exploring all of Europe, so, I asked her to share some of her top travel necessities with us. Stone and I need the tips... this past Christmas we traveled to two states with 6 (yes SIX) carry on bags. Let's just say along with my aching shoulders from carrying the load through the airports, I got reprimanded by the flight attendant more than once on that vacation and will never do that again. So, let me introduce you to my friend, Jenna...

Here are some travel must haves for your next adventure.

1. This Cath Kidston tote (or really any Cath Kidston bag) is the best! Its made of oil cloth and is very sturdy. Until about a month ago, her stuff was sold exclusively in Europe. Its all so feminine and presh. You will love it, and you will feel British.

2. This luggage looks awesome... very girly, very vintage.

3. If you have ever traveled with me or know me well at all, you know that I L-O-V-E sleeping. I will do anything to get some zzz's, including humiliate myself on planes/trains/automobiles by wearing sleep masks (and earplugs). I might as well go all out by wearing this fun sleep mask. Plus, I love owls. Hootie Hoo!

4. Passports are boring and all the same. You should spice yours up with a passport cover. Its fun to get weird looks in the customs line.

5. This looks like a book, but its not. Its a pinhole camera!

6. Public transit can be tricky. Its better to study up than to look like a tourist.

7. I love that this laptop case has a strap! It could really speed things up in the security line to not have to take your lap top out of your carry on. I hate being "that girl" that holds up the line.

9. You should always have a journal to record your travels. Write down where you went in which city, where you ate, who you met, etc. Then, you can reread it later and relive your adventures.

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maryroyphotography said...

Ok, I am LOVING everything on this list! I think I'll be ordering one of those Cath bags A-S-A-P! Thanks for the pretties!

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