Guest Blogger : Stone (the husband)

Hello everyone. Stone here ... again. So sorry about that. Shel once again had to run out so I feel like I should fill in the gap. I sat for a while this morning thinking of what I could post up here. You see, handbags, outfits, baking, and decorating are not really my things ... totally Shel's domain. SO I figured I would write about what I know, and what has been on my mind a bunch lately.

Shel got me this book awhile back and I always find myself pulling it off the shelf and thumbing through the already well thumbed pages. I feel each time I bring my eyes onto one of Leroy Grannis' images I discover something new. When we moved out here to Encinitas (one of the best surf towns in the good ol' USA) I was chomping at the bit to trade in my skis for a surfboard. I was quickly out in the water and what I discovered was so much more than sunshine and waves, but rather a tight knit community and relaxed lifestyle. Out in the water everything felt textual and photographic. Every part of me was aching at the fact that I couldn't bring my camera out with me. So in the meantime and spare time (while I save up for this) I have started shooting from land. My goal is to show the honest simplicity of the sport and the lifestyle. Below are few images I have made as I attempt to step into the surf photography realm. AND below mine are some sweet examples of the amazing work done my the late, great Leroy Grannis. I hope you enjoy.

Now for the real pro. Here are a few images shot by the great Leroy Grannis ...

Here is Leroy himself ...

This final image of Leroy was shot by Tim Mantoani in a retirement home just north of us in Carlsbad, CA. Leroy is holding one of his favorite images featuring the the famous Dewey Weber. Leroy passed away this year, he was 94.


maryroyphotography said...

SO, those are all amazing photos! I mean I've never been surfing before, but this definitely makes me want to try!

You should check out Carl Zoch's amazing surfing photos too! He has a waterproof case for his camera...sooo basically it's any photographer's dream come true!


There's a link to some!

Thanks for the guest post! You guys are both so great!


Kate said...

Stone, these are awesome! Looking at those photos makes me want to be right there, sinking my toes in the sand.

Stone said...

Thanks Mary! Come on out, we'll get you on a board. I've seen Carl's stuff before too. He is super talented. Hope you're well.

Stone said...

Thanks Kate! Same to you. You need to get the crew out here so we can get Caroline in the water. I'll find some sweet floaties for her.

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