Inspiration board : Mad Men.

Stone and I are a bit addicted.

At this point (we are still mid-season 2) I am not sure why we are addicted yet. After each episode I am so bothered by all of them men on this show and their ways. Yet, the other night we watched three episodes in a row... so it is now an full blown addiction. The characters, the storyline and the clothes keep me coming back. How fun would it be to be a style designer on this set? It seems almost everything from this period is coming back full circle with the red lips, beehive hair, skinny ties, sleek furniture and vintage glasses. I love it all. If you have not started watching you should get going, trust me.

Below are links to some Mad Men style for you to love and here is a look into the ad agencies of today. Enjoy!

1 : Herman Miller sofa. I pretty much want everything in this beautiful furniture store. Stone and I will take little trips here just to poke around, sit in chairs and pretend that maybe one day we would only be so fortunate!

2 : Last summer we took a trip to San Francisco and wandered into this little hat shop with the most fun handmade hats. Since then I have spotted people all over wearing hats with their famous brand. So classic!

3 : Skinny ties... you have to love a man in a skinny tie, right? These ties are even more spectacular because they are made from recycled cassette tapes, for your music loving man. So green of them.

4 : I think that this lamp is pretty great. Great for decor purposes AND if you want to interrogate someone of course :)

5 : So classic, very Joan Holloway.

6 : Do you like thrifting? There were some pretty great consignment furniture stores in Boulder and Stone and I were lucky enough to find a vintage typewriter at one for $30. It now decorates our bookshelf! Here is one similar, maybe even cooler I have to admit.

7 : Retro glasses for the men.

8 : Retro glasses for the women.

9 : I have found that this is a new trend in a lot of my friends' homes... free standing wet bars. We are not really liquor drinkers, but they look so classy we may just have to get one anyway:)

Oh, and the photo of some of our Mad Men favs was found here! xo.


kaitlinkelly said...

I am at just about the same spot in Season 2, and I couldn't agree more. I am addicted, and I feel like I shouldn't be... I just can't help it!!!

Ethan Smith said...

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