Have a fun weekend.

Stone and I woke up to 3 different text messages today...

"You are aware of a tsunami hitting the west coast of US right?"

"Praying for you both"


"Tsunami... want to go ride that thing?"

Needless to say we jumped out of bed and ran to our computer to see what was up. Absolutely devastating what happened in Japan. Did you watch the live coverage of it? I have never seen a tsunami in action before and it is absolutely terrifying. Hopefully I never actually see one live. I just keep wondering what happens to all of the people now stranded on top of buildings and homes? Either way I will be praying for all of them.

What are your plans this weekend? Stone and I have turned our home into a hotel temporarily for all those who are so blessed to have a Spring Break! It is fun for us, and we cannot even wait for all of our visitors! I actually have to head out the door, so Stone is going to share some of his favorite links from the week. Hope you enjoy! xo.

... Boom!
Stone here. Shel had to run before wrapping up some weekend links, so I'm here to fill in.

I love this. Go digital without giving up the look and feel of pencil and paper.

I'm going to keep posting stuff about this sweet ride until it's parked in our driveway (30 yrs. from now)

Every dude should have a bad-to-the-bone axe right?

Well ain't that a fine howdy do? No matter how may times I watch this it's still hilarious.

Kind of a cowboy shower? Pretty cool though.

Breathtaking, tragic, amazing, beautiful. Go check out the World Press Photo winners

Men ... Don't miss the moment to be heroic. Here is training to chase down a purse snatcher

Summer is on the way and I definitely want a pair of these retro board shorts

Can I get it, can I get it, can I get it!?

Alright. That's all I've got. Stone signing out.

Have a great weekend!


kribss said...

i got my husband wanting one of those defenders for awhile now : ) they are SWEET!

Shel + Stone said...

Haha, they are awesome. I am sure all husbands are in agreeance :) Thanks your comment

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