Weekend wrap up : Like rain on your wedding day.

Stone and I headed up to Santa Barbara this weekend to shoot a beautiful ranch wedding. We had an incredible time and felt so thankful to be a part of their big day. It was also fun for us to drive up the coast and see a bit more of this big state we live in. Some parts are beautiful (Ventura) and some are not so pretty (LA). The only part about our weekend that we were not too happy about was the crazy downpour (cats and dogs) on our drive home... we had to stop in Ventura for a bit just to get some reprieve from it.

Luckily, Stone and I found ourselves in a really tasty fish taco shop. So delicious! And the place happened to be right down the street from the very first Patagonia ever... so, of course we made our way there as well. The rest of the day we white-knuckled it all the way back to Encinitas, a total of 6 hours! Probably one of the scariest drives of our life. Take it from me, you never want to be driving through downtown LA with zero visibility. Either way, we are home safe and cannot wait to get started on the photos from this weekend!

Happy Monday everyone, go get 'em this week :) xo.


The Blue Bird of Happiness said...

Hey Shelby!

I've been meaning to write to tell you how much I adore your blog...especially this one! You and your husband are so incredibly talented!

Anyway, I was born in Ventura and have family there and Santa Barbara too. I miss California every day. I love that you went to the first Patagonia, I used to go to day care when they opened one for all employees there!

I teach photography at an Art School in Houston and just started a blog project with my students. One of the ones I showed them for inspiration was yours!

It was really special for me to share this with them today! I hope all is well and you continue to enjoy sharing your sweet moments and life with us all!

Much love,
Hailey Miller

Shel + Stone said...

Hailey... Younare too sweet! Your comment made my day! Ventura was really cute, have you ever been to Spencer Mckenzie's? So fun that you are teaching photo, and I am honored that you are using my blog as an example :) hope all is well. Xo.

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