Look of the week : Lace and leather.

These are the two top things on my closet wish list right now. Lace and leather.

Spring is getting near and I definitely have the fever to shop. When Stone and I first got married he was so confused why all of the sudden when April came around I could not stop filling up online shopping bags and creating wish lists of clothes! Finally he asked me what was going on and I had to explain to him that for some reason when girls start feeling the warmth of Spring and seeing the bright colors and fun patterns in the stores we just could not help ourselves. It is this season that gets all girls in trouble, so guys if you are reading this, just know it only happens once a year so you can rest in that fact :)

Hope you enjoy this outfit, I am dreaming of owning all of these pieces. Love them all!

Earrings : Forever 21
Top : Topshop
Jacket : BESS
Jeans : Topshop
Shopping : Bloomingdales
Shoes : JCrew

1 comment:

Katie*Belle said...

This outfit is perfect! I want to print this out and make it my shopping list : )

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