Look of the Week: Picnic in the park.

We are getting glimpses of Spring now, which makes me so excited for bright colors and sundresses. The best. So, this week I decided to put together a look for a picnic at the park. Do you like to picnic? Picnics are the best, minus the bugs and the birds trying to snatch up your food.

On another note, I am making a vow to try and start wearing wedges more often. They are just as comfortable as flats, but make me feel like a woman :) Hope you enjoy the look as much as I do, and maybe try it out for your own picnic!

Sunglasses - Moscot
Cardigan - Crumpet
Dress - Cacharel
Pita Chips - Trader Joe's
Hummus - Baba Foods
Wine - Kunde

P.S. Stone and I went to the Kunde winery in Sonoma Valley this past Summer and it was incredible. The wine is great too, but I am no connoisseur. So beautiful, it should be on your bucket list.

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