Weekend wrap up : Photos, friends, and flowers .

Welcome to Monday!

So, we lost an hour of sleep this weekend, BUT it was so great last night to have the sun in the sky at 7! I would lose sleep any day if that was the reward. I love being able t do things outside in the daylight after work. Stone and I decided it was time to plant on our porch so we headed to the Home Depot and went a little crazy. Home Depot kinda makes you do that thought! Especially with all of the crazy flowers, plants, and trees that California has to offer. So many of them I had never heard of before. We decided to go for some succulents, herbs, and perennials. It is hard to think that in Colorado.

On Sunday we had a great photo shoot up north, and again, I cannot WAIT to share the photos with you :) Then the best surprise of all... my friend Jenna came to visit for here Spring Break. We thought her flight was going to be delayed, but thanks to a couple guys with a criminal record, a spot opened up for her on a flight and she was able to make it last night! So we are off to the beach today :) Don't be jeal.


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