Have a beautiful weekend!

Ready for this?

So, as we speak I am typing from a coffee shop in Winter Park where I am planning a wedding at the beautiful Devil's Thumb Ranch. Stone is currently driving to shoot a wedding in another gorgeous location, Arrowhead Country Club. THEN, this Sunday we are headed to Denver to actually attend a wedding of our friends (we rarely ever have nothing to do at a wedding and I am so looking forward to it!). Whew, it is safe to say that I am going to be totally wiped out after this weekend!

Hope you have some fun plans this weekend. Above are some more photos from Kelsey and Buck's wedding. Was she not the most gorgeous bride ever? Again, you can see more of the fun details here.

Here are some posts from around the web this week. xo.

I am loving this recipe box.

Some sweet Keds for the boys.

Oooo, this is really fun wallpaper!

I cannot get enough of the sailor stripes!

Such a sweet little ring... I may need to make a purchase!

Some fun blog lovin'.

Stone and I are so happy this morning to have Kelsey and Buck's engagement shoot featured on Green Wedding Shoes! We have been huge fans of this blog and are so happy to be a part of it. I know you have probably seen the photos already, but if you have time and want to check it out go here, you can also make a comment here.


Party On!

I originally wandered into this website called Bake it Pretty, because of the cute name and baking goods. I secretly love to bake way more than cook. I cannot bake too much however, because it would not be the right move for the health of my husband who has never said no to a sweet in his life :)

Well, to my surprise, when I got to the site there is way more than just your average baking needs. It is like going to a trendy Party City, with fun wrapping, cute gifts and sussies, and really great cupcake accouterments!

It seems this week I have blogged about gift ideas and party supplies... now if only I had a good reason to throw a party...


Sneak Peek: Kelsey & Buck are Married!

Okay, okay... so yes, this is a photo of my husband and I (but it was indeed at Kelsey & Buck's wedding). The both of us were in the wedding, therefore we do not have many ceremony shots. But, let me tell you... the shots my husband did take are absolutely incredible!

Stone and I never have photos of the two of us (really, this is not an exaggeration), maybe because he is always on the other side of the camera. So I have to show off the two we came away with of us from the entire week in Crested Butte :)

Anyway, see more photos HERE (trust me, you are going to love them)!


Everything I have.

Have you ever thought about everything you own... I mean everything...

Well this artist (Simon Evans) took this thought one step further by photographing and describing everything he has. For me, this would be completely embarrassing, as I catch myself saying the phrase 'I need' all too often (BTW I am very aware that I do not need anything). Do you have things that you just could not give up. Confession... I still sleep with my bear from when I was a little one, and I honestly would be sad to see him go (see, I even personify the bear, it is a he, and his name is BearBear... very clever, I know). One time in college my sister's Birkenstocks went missing through a series of events and she was convinced that God was taking her shoes because it was one of her possessions that she cherished too much. Haha, I love that story, so funny! She found them soon after :)

Here is a small description of this piece and the show that it was in at James Cohan Gallery in NYC:

"The title of the show Island Time is a reference to Robinson Crusoe and the hand-made objects that were critical to his survival on a desert island—a metaphor that draws connections between the state of being shipwrecked, to the role of the artist as an outsider, to the artist's personal biography living as an expatriate in a foreign city. Evident in the work is Evan's preoccupation with counting and charting—an activity also key to survival as a castaway."


Are you ever at a loss of what gift to give your quirky friend?

Well, I found the perfect website. This website has the some pretty fun and funny gift ideas I personally am a fan of all of the ones below, especially the Crayola rings and pop-up herb garden! I know this seems totally crazy, but people are already coming into the store I work at to look for Christmas gifts!? But, wouldn't it be so nice to get that out of the way?


Sneak Peek: Henry & Catie Engaged!

I was not able to go on this shoot, but I love these photos. This couple just seems so sweet and romantic.

Check out more here.



This is my sweet grandmother Nonnie.

She writes me and my family emails just about every day keeping up with us, sometimes just sending words of encouragement, sometimes telling us funny stories of snakes in her backyard. Well, today I got one of the funniest/sweetest emails of all. Recently, my aunt and uncle have given Nonnie a pet cat to keep her company and hang out with her at the house. Well, since this has happened we have been receiving a lot of funny emails about her new pet and today's email was no exception. I understand that Nonnie is not your grandmother, therefore you may not find this the least bit as cute as I did, but oh well, if you don't want to read it feel free to move on to the next post. Oh yes, and she used to be a school librarian, this is why she kind of writes as if she is telling a story to a 6 year old :)

Dear All,
Here are a few more facts about "Purr-fect":
"Purr-fect" is black all over except for green eyes, white whiskers, and a little pink tongue. I
have to get close to see if his eyes are open or shut. He's a fairly small cat in size but huge
in self-determination, independence in other words! I try to be subtle but enticing when I make suggestions to him, but he usually has his own plans in mind!
He surprises me by doing something new every day. He makes me laugh many times a day!! Laughter is the best medicine, they say! I smile every time I see him, and he's usually sleeping! I laugh out loud when he perks those little ears up, opens his eyes, and
turns his head toward me as I walk into the room! He does this even when I'm barefooted and
on carpet. I can't even hear myself! So of course he gets a lot of petting and talking to because he's just so cute! Actually I'm downright "crazy" about that cute little cat! And I can act just as silly as I want to with him and it doesn't bother him at all!. Silliness can be good "medicine" also!
Love you all,

Pretty things.

I have just discovered this jewelry website. I was first drawn to go to it when I saw these colorful studded earrings on another blog and thought that they were perfect for any outfit. I want every color in every size!

Well this website is like stepping into an antique shop looking for unique jewelry and they have it all right there for you to choose from. Did I ever tell you that when Stone and I were dating he bought me a locket from an antique store here in Boulder. What made it even sweeter was that on the inside of the locket were two photos, one of a man and one of a woman (looks like they were taken 100 years ago) with a small 4 leaf clover inside.

Well this jewelry may not have quite the story of an authentic antique, but it does have the vintage look. They even have a section on the website for wedding bands, they are all so different and pretty!

Now lets all cross our fingers that Target comes out with some colorful studs in all sizes so we can enjoy them without breaking the bank!

Sneak Peek: Sizemore family!

Cutest little girl, she laughed through the photoshoot!

Check out more here.


Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.

Michael Pollan has started a revolution in the way people are viewing food. I am now just about half way through his book In Defense of Food and his arguments are definitely compelling and smart.

Let me take this back a step. When I was in college I was somewhat of a vegetarian (one who still ate fish that is). I think it was my freshman year when I was handed a brochure on campus which described in great detail (and images) where our meat comes from, how the animals live and how they die. From then on I could not look at a burger the same. Well, this only lasted a few years because then I got married. I married Stone, who happens to love meat. So for the last two years I have eaten meat too. I really like meat as a matter of fact, I just am much more careful to notice where it is coming from. Unfortunately buying better food is more expensive... go figure! But, Michael Pollan does make a good argument in that we as Americans eat too much anyway, so if we just cut our portion sizes and buy better foods then it could even out by the time the lady behind the counter gives you the grand total for your groceries.

When shopping at the grocery store I have learned it is safest to stay on the perimeter of the building, this is where the healthy foods are located. Also, at restaurants it is important to note where their meat is coming from, and it is not hard to find restaurants that only have free-range and local meats. Other than that just notice how many ingredients are involved in whatever you are throwing in your cart, if it is more than five it is not necessarily considered "real food", it is something a scientist has made up that can be digested, but is not actually food.

All this to say, eating right can be difficult, but with all of the resources we have, there really is no excuse! I am constantly finding recipes from here, here and here. And another of Michael Pollen's books, Food Rules: An Eater's Manual helps lay out some ground rules as well.

Now, let's all live longer happier lives.



What do stay at home mom's do when they are in the house all day with their baby?

Well this mom, imagines what her baby is dreaming about and creates her dream in photos. I think it is so funny and awesome all at the same time. Her sweet little one, Mila, has no idea. She just dreams and her creative mom, puts her as the lead in a story!

Love it. See more here!

Tuesday tunes.

This is a good classic one that always puts me in a good mood. Enjoy!


Photo taken by my husband :)


Design inspiration: For the kids.

I do not like clutter.

When I was little and I went over to friends' houses to play, my mom would pick me up after about 3 hours of being over there and I would have spent the entire time rearranging and organizing my friends' closets and bedrooms. I do love kid's rooms. I love the colors and playfulness of them. I just have never understood why a 35 lb. baby needs hundreds of loud and obnoxious plastic toys? I think design for a kid can be challenging, because there is a line of making a space too silly or too sophisticated. These rooms below balanced these well, and came out with beautiful, kid-friendly rooms. I really appreciate the minimal amount of toys and that they are neatly organized. However, I know, this is not reality when a 2 or 3 year old is involved, those neatly placed stuffed animals in the basket are not going to last too long!

The room on the top right has the smart idea... keep all toys and books out of reach and that totally will eliminate any chance of mess ; )

I found these photos here, and there are many more.

It will only take a second...

If you have just a little bit of extra time, we would be so excited and appreciative if you checked out our photography here and voted for us here.

Thanks so much!

Weekend wrap up.

Well the weekend was crazy fun! We are home now and the wedding was just perfect (I will have photos posted sometime soon). I am a bit exhausted, but we made the most of our time. Yesterday after breakfast we headed up the mountain for a bike ride with my brother and sister-in-law Kylie & Zach and our friends Chris & Laura. The morning was beautiful, and while I could barely breathe as we were biking up the mountain, it was so fun. On our drive home we stopped at Coney Island (who knew it was located in the mountains, in the middle of nowhere?). The hot dogs and onion rings were delish.

All in all, a wonderful weekend and a great time with family and friends.



Have an adventurous weekend!

Well, the wedding is now full speed ahead! Stone and I spent our last bit of free time while in CB on a bike ride and above are some of the quick iPhone photos that we took. Everything is so gorgeous and green here right now, with tons of wildflowers! I just love it. Sometimes I think I could live here, but then I remember how miserably cold it gets and I am back to reality.

We are looking forward to tomorrow and cannot wait to share all of the photos!


How fun is this outfit! Love the fun necklace!

This recipe looks absolutely amazing! Mmmm.

Some fun organic lighting for your home.

Summertime for the boys.

More blog lovin' from COUTUREcolorado here and here.

I am loving these watches. I want one in every color. So fun!


Our love is here to stay.

How sweet is this poster?

You can purchase here (I think I might have to... have I mentioned I have a thing for good posters?).


I should have thought of that: Weddings

My sister-in-law is having some pretty fun details at her wedding, and a lot of them we have been putting together/baking ourselves these last couple days. Last night we made about 300 cake pops, which turned out so great. Kels also ordered a few cases of personalized Jones soda bottles with an engagement pic on the front that will hold place cards for each guest.

Another little detail I love is these 'pick a posy' cellophane bags inviting guests bring home a few flowers from their table arrangement.

Lastly, Kelsey is having a photo booth (not one you actually sit in, just one that we set up ourselves), which I had and we came away with the most fun photos of our guests from it. However, bringing props, such as fun mustaches just kind of takes it to the next level.

I think these little touches just make weddings so fun, less formal, and more of a party... which is what we all want anyway, right?



One of my favorite details of my sister-in-law's wedding this weekend are the banners she made to decorate tables. They are so simple and add a colorful vintage touch! You can always buy them here at Emerson Made. Or try to do it yourself. I found these great photos and instructions here.

What You Will Need:
your chosen fabrics
pinking shears
fabric chalk(or soft pencil will do)
sewing machine

I used clothes line string from the hardware store. There were 2 kinds. The cotton string and sythentic string. I recommend the synthetic string because it was much lower in price, and it is much easier to sew the pennant flag onto the string with the sewing machine.


1) Cut your Fabric – These are the dimensions I cut all my flags, but how wide and long your flags are completely up to you. I have seen a lot of very fun flags that were all in different sizes. Experiment and have fun! The extra rectangular piece of fabric above the triangular flag is the part you will need to sew on the string.

2) Attaching the flag on the string - Place the string over the rectangular portion of the flag, and roll the fabric over the string.

3) Pin the Flag Down

4) Sew the Flag - You may want to test if your sewing machine will sew over the fabric and string you choose.

5) You are done with your first Flag! - I space mine 12′ inches apart and repeat till you have your desired length.

Some fun blog lovin'.

Stone and I are so excited to have a feature on COUTUREcolorado. They have just posted part one, which you can check out here, and stay keep checking in on their blog for more posts on Ashleigh and Jesse's country wedding!

I am just so happy...

Stone and I drove up to Crested Butte last night after work and we woke up in the beautiful mountains! This weekend is my sister-in-laws' wedding and we could not be more excited. We are staying in a beautiful home on the mountain with the entire Crandall fam and it has not even hit 70 degrees yet. Just perfect!



Some pretty jewels.

Okay... so my husband always makes fun of me, because I say 'I need' things whenever I am shopping. Well, I know that is not true, I definitely do not need anything at all. Except maybe I do need this little sweet bird bangle. And at only $17 it is practically free, right?


Really, I think these bangles are so cool and would love to layer a bunch of them!

Check them out at this Etsy shop!

Design inspiration: Jonathan Adler

I love all of Jonathan Adler's designs for the home. They are stylish, fun and have a great humor to them. I have said this before, but I love the idea of changing out pillows through the year, and Jonathan Adler has some of the best pillows I have seen before! You can create an entire different vibe and feel to a room with simple changes.

He also mixes modern and traditional as well, which is my favorite way to style a room. His furniture selection is nice because you can mix and match, and everything seems to work together.

Oh, and those mugs! How presh.

A love song for your morning.

Photo taken by my smokin' hot husband.

I think this song is silly and sweet.

We are having a gloomy morning here, so I needed a little diddy to make me smile. Hope it brightens your Tuesday!


Sneak Peek: Jesse and Ashleigh married!

An incredible country wedding. See more here.

Farm dinners.

Have you heard of this new trend? I first heard about these community farm dinners from a friend who was refreshing her web page over and over hoping to get two seats to a specific farm dinner here in Boulder. It was so popular that if you did not sign up within the first few minutes of the website opening the dinner, you would miss out! Crazy. This is our local farm dinner website. But, after doing research, they are happening all over.

The concept is to get together with your community and enjoy good local food and wine while supporting a local farm. The menu is inspired by the morning's harvest on that farm and everything is prepared on site. The perfect wine is then picked out and served with the meal. I love this idea, meeting new people, tasting new foods and enjoying being outside in a beautiful farm setting. Could not get more perfect. Search to find organizations in your town that put on farm dinners, I am sure you will not be disappointed!

Weekend wrap up.

How was your weekend? It has been sweltering hot here (can you believe it? I thought when I moved here I was escaping the heat?!), so we have not been outside much.

Stone and I spent the weekend doing 'junior high-ish' activities, like putt-putt golf and going to a 3D movie. Both were spur of the moment plans and they both ended up being such a blast! Stone is actually really good at putt putt, which is something I had never seen first hand, but trust me folks, he could be pro. We ended the night with a long bike ride last night after dinner, it was lovely!


Have a relaxing weekend.

I will be spending my weekend working and looking forward to next week when we leave for my sister-in-laws wedding! I cannot wait.

Tonight Stone and I went to see Despicable Me in 3D... and it was awesome! Stone had never even seen a movie or anything in 3D?! I am confused as to what kind of rides and shows he went to at Disney Land when he was a boy... everything there is 3D. Either way, it was a great movie, I totally recommend going. What is your usual movie snack? I am always a Junior Mints girl, unless there are Snowcaps, then I just might have to get those. Stone changes between Swedish Fish and Sour Patch Kids, it works for us because I get the chocolate candy and he gets the chewy... perfect!

Here are a few 'manly' posts from around the worldwide web. I thought since this is a pretty girly blog I might try and gain some interest from the boys :)


Sweat rags for the heat of summer.

15 great iPhone apps for men.

An axe sling... because every guy needs one.

The manliest man on TV right now.

A rugged table for a manly eating area.

A man's airstream dream realized.


A great surprise!

We were so excited today when Stone and I got onto one of our favorite blogs to read, Green Wedding Shoes , and we saw that she had used a couple of our photos for her Friday post as well as written a little diddy about us!

Check it out here.

Airstream studio.

I love, LOVE this renovation that I saw here. What a great idea, right? An airstrem studio in your back yard. Stone and I saw it and immediately thought, as soon as we have our own home with a backyard we are doing this... it is just too awesome. Not only does it give you more living space, but it provides a really cool and unique getaway to do work or what ever your heart desires. The woman who owns the airstream, really did a fantastic job at all of the little details and the space looks so nice and open.

See more photos here.

Photos from my dad's visit.

I promised I would put up some photos and here they are. Again, we had such a perfect time while he was here, we wish we could hang out all the time :(



Travel: Sky Park in Singapore

My dad sent me a link to this new park that opened on June 24th in Singapore... and it is nuts! The 'Sky Park' is located on three skyscrapers at 200 meters high. It is the most expensive building in the world with casinos, bars, restaurants, the Museum of Modern Art and a 150 meter long infinity pool. I think I would be too afraid to take a dip in that pool... a bit too high for me!

Savory Crepes.

You may remember when I told you that I have learned to make crepes and I could not stop making them. Well I finally tried something other than nutella and fruit inside (not that there is anything wrong with nutella and fruit) and it was delicious! You should try it out too, I promise you will not be dissappointed.

Begin with:
1 cup all-purpose flour
2 eggs
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup water
2 tablespoons butter, melted
1/4 teaspoon salt

First whisk together flour and eggs in a large mixing bowl.

Next, add the liquids. Milk, water and melted butter. Whisk all of the ingredients together until you form a pretty liquidy (I know, I know, that is not really a word) batter. Then add the salt.

Now, gather the stuffing ingredients. I used homemade pesto, pulled chicken, mozzarella, spinach and sundried tomatoes.

Pour the batter onto a cast iron pan (make sure to spray it a little with PAM) on the stove at medium heat and pick up the pan swirling it around to make a thin circle of batter then set the pan back down on the stove. After about 2 minutes the crepe should be ready to flip. Carefully use a spatula to get under the crepe and make the flip (it is even harder than pancakes!). Begin adding your ingredients in a concentrated area on the crepe.

After all of your ingredients are on the crepe, flip the bottom up toward the stuffings, then wrap each side over like a blanket. Before I served I drizzled some olive oil on top with a little cracked pepper.

Enjoy! Mmmm.


Work it out.

Stone and I spent some time at our gym today and it was just great...

Living in Boulder and going to our gym are both so motivating because the people are really fit and strong at all ages here. I remember when we first joined the gym I noticed that women had taken fashion to a whole new level in their work-out clothes. Truly, I felt inferior because there I was in one of Stone's old grey t-shirts and a pair of nike running shorts from college. In the past year I have been introduced to Lululemon, which is activewear for both the guys and the gals. This company does not even need to do any advertising, walking into a gym in Boulder is enough to make any girl want to go out and buy everything in the store. Not only do they have fun colors and designs, but the fit of their clothing is so spot on, no matter how you feel, it makes you look good. I have collected some of my favorites below (a lot of pink, I did not notice until now... hmm), hope you enjoy and maybe are inspired to hit the gym :)

And some things for the guys too, not as colorful, but guys don't want to be too flashy at the gym... they will let their guns do all of the showing off, right?

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