Have a patriotic weekend!

Photo taken by my husband.

Happy Independence Day!

What are your plans? Tomorrow I am the head planner for a wedding in Lyons with the company I work for called Save The Date Events. Then on Sunday we are still a bit unsure... we may be headed to the mountains to hang out with our friends up there, but after a wedding I may be a little exhausted so there is a chance that we will find a pool to go to with our friends that are sticking around town and then cook out. Both great plans!

As kids, my mom and dad would help my sister and I decorate our bikes with red, white and blue streamers, then on the morning of the 4th we would ride in the neighborhood parade. Such great memories. We would always head to our country club for swimming and fire works for the rest of the day and my mom would make her famous potato salad and cheesecake with strawberries and blueberries. Mmmm! Oh how I miss those days, so carefree!

Some fun posts from this week.


A delicious looking dessert with berries.

The perfect dress for the 4th!

Beautiful design, I looked through this sight for a long time, I love it.

Exciting news... you can now get Hulu on your TV, iPhone or iPad!

The most darling picnic set I have ever seen.

Make your own fireworks!

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