Have a relaxing weekend.

I will be spending my weekend working and looking forward to next week when we leave for my sister-in-laws wedding! I cannot wait.

Tonight Stone and I went to see Despicable Me in 3D... and it was awesome! Stone had never even seen a movie or anything in 3D?! I am confused as to what kind of rides and shows he went to at Disney Land when he was a boy... everything there is 3D. Either way, it was a great movie, I totally recommend going. What is your usual movie snack? I am always a Junior Mints girl, unless there are Snowcaps, then I just might have to get those. Stone changes between Swedish Fish and Sour Patch Kids, it works for us because I get the chocolate candy and he gets the chewy... perfect!

Here are a few 'manly' posts from around the worldwide web. I thought since this is a pretty girly blog I might try and gain some interest from the boys :)


Sweat rags for the heat of summer.

15 great iPhone apps for men.

An axe sling... because every guy needs one.

The manliest man on TV right now.

A rugged table for a manly eating area.

A man's airstream dream realized.


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