Pretty things.

I have just discovered this jewelry website. I was first drawn to go to it when I saw these colorful studded earrings on another blog and thought that they were perfect for any outfit. I want every color in every size!

Well this website is like stepping into an antique shop looking for unique jewelry and they have it all right there for you to choose from. Did I ever tell you that when Stone and I were dating he bought me a locket from an antique store here in Boulder. What made it even sweeter was that on the inside of the locket were two photos, one of a man and one of a woman (looks like they were taken 100 years ago) with a small 4 leaf clover inside.

Well this jewelry may not have quite the story of an authentic antique, but it does have the vintage look. They even have a section on the website for wedding bands, they are all so different and pretty!

Now lets all cross our fingers that Target comes out with some colorful studs in all sizes so we can enjoy them without breaking the bank!

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