Work it out.

Stone and I spent some time at our gym today and it was just great...

Living in Boulder and going to our gym are both so motivating because the people are really fit and strong at all ages here. I remember when we first joined the gym I noticed that women had taken fashion to a whole new level in their work-out clothes. Truly, I felt inferior because there I was in one of Stone's old grey t-shirts and a pair of nike running shorts from college. In the past year I have been introduced to Lululemon, which is activewear for both the guys and the gals. This company does not even need to do any advertising, walking into a gym in Boulder is enough to make any girl want to go out and buy everything in the store. Not only do they have fun colors and designs, but the fit of their clothing is so spot on, no matter how you feel, it makes you look good. I have collected some of my favorites below (a lot of pink, I did not notice until now... hmm), hope you enjoy and maybe are inspired to hit the gym :)

And some things for the guys too, not as colorful, but guys don't want to be too flashy at the gym... they will let their guns do all of the showing off, right?

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Morgan said...

did you know that brittain works at lululemon? she lovvvvessss it. i could see you working there. she basically gets paid to do yoga. amazing.

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