Makin' my ears happy.

I am hooked.

I have been on the Levi's Pioneer Session website for the last hour now listening to the music and watching all of the videos. I love all of the artists that they chose to feature and am hoping that they will be coming out with a CD soon!

One of my favorite concerts of all time was seeing The Weepies in Austin. It was at this tiny venue that I cannot even remember the name of that maybe fit 100 people. The group of friends I was with all ended up sitting indian style on the floor right at the feet of The Weepies and it was just perfect. Kind of like having a hippie mom and dad sing you sweet lullabies. Anyway, the reason it was my favorite was first because the music was incredible, also because these musicians who I had listened to for so long became just real people, I felt like I knew them. As cheesy as that sounds...

All that to say, that is the atmosphere that these Levi's Pioneer Sessions create. Kind of like you are in the room with friends who happen to have their instruments and they are just playing along. It's pretty great... thanks Levi's!

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