I should have thought of that: Weddings

My sister-in-law is having some pretty fun details at her wedding, and a lot of them we have been putting together/baking ourselves these last couple days. Last night we made about 300 cake pops, which turned out so great. Kels also ordered a few cases of personalized Jones soda bottles with an engagement pic on the front that will hold place cards for each guest.

Another little detail I love is these 'pick a posy' cellophane bags inviting guests bring home a few flowers from their table arrangement.

Lastly, Kelsey is having a photo booth (not one you actually sit in, just one that we set up ourselves), which I had and we came away with the most fun photos of our guests from it. However, bringing props, such as fun mustaches just kind of takes it to the next level.

I think these little touches just make weddings so fun, less formal, and more of a party... which is what we all want anyway, right?

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