Weekend wrap up.

So, I kind of have this thing where I build up the 4th of July (and New Years' Eve) to be something spectacular. Really, like, I want those two days every year to be the best ones of the year, and they never are. We had a pretty good 4th, to be honest I was super exhausted from the wedding I coordinated on Saturday so I was not totally in party mood, and the rain spoiled my hopes of a long day outside playing yard games and grilling. We had about 45 minutes of that before it began to pour... really, really pour. So... we went inside and played Apples to Apples! Redeeming factor of the night, the rain let up a little in time to see fireworks at Folsom Feild.

Oh ya, one more thing. We went to the pool for a bit yesterday (this was before the crazy thunderstorms) and there was a very (very) large man, in a patriotic speedo, doing cannonballs off the diving board (pictured below). God Bless America!


kelsey said...

Don't forget the Blizzards and impromptu dance lessons from Zach and Ky :) Oh, and great photos Shelby!

Anonymous said...

Happy 4th of July to you guys! That picture of the dude in the speedo, seriously cracking me up. I went to see the fireworks at Folsom field last night, too! Too bad it rained the whole time, but the show was really cool!

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