This is my sweet grandmother Nonnie.

She writes me and my family emails just about every day keeping up with us, sometimes just sending words of encouragement, sometimes telling us funny stories of snakes in her backyard. Well, today I got one of the funniest/sweetest emails of all. Recently, my aunt and uncle have given Nonnie a pet cat to keep her company and hang out with her at the house. Well, since this has happened we have been receiving a lot of funny emails about her new pet and today's email was no exception. I understand that Nonnie is not your grandmother, therefore you may not find this the least bit as cute as I did, but oh well, if you don't want to read it feel free to move on to the next post. Oh yes, and she used to be a school librarian, this is why she kind of writes as if she is telling a story to a 6 year old :)

Dear All,
Here are a few more facts about "Purr-fect":
"Purr-fect" is black all over except for green eyes, white whiskers, and a little pink tongue. I
have to get close to see if his eyes are open or shut. He's a fairly small cat in size but huge
in self-determination, independence in other words! I try to be subtle but enticing when I make suggestions to him, but he usually has his own plans in mind!
He surprises me by doing something new every day. He makes me laugh many times a day!! Laughter is the best medicine, they say! I smile every time I see him, and he's usually sleeping! I laugh out loud when he perks those little ears up, opens his eyes, and
turns his head toward me as I walk into the room! He does this even when I'm barefooted and
on carpet. I can't even hear myself! So of course he gets a lot of petting and talking to because he's just so cute! Actually I'm downright "crazy" about that cute little cat! And I can act just as silly as I want to with him and it doesn't bother him at all!. Silliness can be good "medicine" also!
Love you all,


Kate and Zach said...

That.is.precious. How cute is she?! If this is the same Nonnie whose banana bread recipe you posted, I like her even more now!

Stone Crandall Photography said...

nonnie is the sweetest.

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