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Today I am going to re-organize my closet. I am ashamed to say that my summer clothes are still tucked away under my bed because I have not had the time or mustered up enough energy to make the swap in our tiny closet. It is scary in there... really scary.

I came across these photos here. It is a boutique owned by the designer Andreas Murkudis and apparently there is a possibility of 21,000 combinations between these dresses I suppose layering them and wearing each of them in different ways. Wouldn't it be nice to have a closet like this instead of figuring out what to wear each day you would only have to decide what color you were feeling, pop on the dress, add some accessories then viola!

That idea lead me to this little video below. I remember seeing this a while back before I even had a blog to share it with. It is called The Uniform Project and in effort to raise money for kids who are unable to pay to go to school to have the chance to go this girl wore the same dress all 365 days of the year and used recycled and donated accessories to make every day unique. Her outfits are so fun and original! And she did a great service to others... can't beat that.


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